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need some help

what’s up, T-men?
it might be a funny question but - tomorrow i’m having a big event. :slight_smile:
anyway, now i’m looking lean (and mean?) and tomorrow I definitely wanna fuck’up a show and wanna look the “leanest” of my life. I’m already lean and have a low bodyfat percentage. all I need is just to look very very lean, dried and “ripped” at the stage, y’know. The only problem is that the event is in the evening, and damn - I eat a lot during the day! and in the evening I look a little bit bloated, y’know. but I wanna eat and drink something tommorow before it starts! so how the hell should I eat that day?!
I can definitely eat differently that day, but I don’t know what should I eat and what I should not.
it’s not a bodybuilding show :slight_smile: and of course i’m wearing something, but still - I wanna look MEAN! got anny advice?


Dont eat any dairy products the week before a competition, the dairy products make you look bloated.

even 4 Oz cottage cheese I used to have?

what about drinking? should I drink something before the event?
you think it’s a good idea to “live” on protein shakes and bars that day?

Check out SwoleCat’s program 7 days to ultimate leanness. He has contest day recommendations. http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/266seven.jsp

should I eat solid foods today (the “big” day) or prefer shakes?

How about veggies and dietary fats during that day? avoid them?