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Need Some Help


So I'm a complete beginner to weight lifting. I'm 19, 5'8, 127lbs and fairly weak. My #1 goal is size, I really don't care about strength all that much.

I'm tossing up between All Pro's routine or a 5x5 / Starting Strength type routine. From what I've researched, All Pros is geared more towards size gain. Over a 12 month period which one would I be better starting off with though?

For my goals, am I better off building a decent base of strength on Rippetoe's and then moving onto a more hypertrophy based routine? I understand I'd still gain some size with Rippetoe's, it just wouldn't be as much.

Which do I start with?


Starting Strength. Why would you not really care about strength? Do some research a bit dude.


Go read some articles on here


I care about strength as it relates to size. What's wrong with that?

Anyway, diet being the same, I'm going to gain more mass on Starting Strength than this?


This just seems like some moron on bb.com who thinks he can write a good program and have all his internet buddies praise him. He just named random exercises without thinking about movement patterns.

Toss some pull-ups, and some tricep work in there if you really want to follow his program. He's kind of got the right idea with rep ranges, but the program is stupid.

Do Starting Strength. People have gotten great results from that. I don't see anyone telling bb.com guy how big and strong they have gotten from his shit.



Your diet needs to change significantly friend.

Any program will gain your strength and size as a beginner, it's your diet that will determine how much, how quickly, etc.

There's some good bulking up diets on here that I'd read through first. Everyone here has their favorites, so pick one that looks good to you.

Try it for a couple weeks to see how your body handles the diet (this is important btw).

Then take any program and get plenty of rest/sleep at night.


being a beginner, a starting strengh/rippetoe/5x5 program is going to get u plenty of size to go with that strength, its true that basically any program will get u size as a beginner, provided that u eat plenty, but a 5x5 will probly get u the most. Do some research as to what rippetoe suggests beginner's diet should look like and follow it to a T, especially the gallon of milk a day






Another thing to look at is going to be your form. You said you are a complete beginner, and as a complete beginner do you think that you can maintain decent form for 4x8-12 in Squats? As weights get heavy, no one has perfect form, but the difference between good form and bad form is an injury. Can't gain muscle if you are too beat up to lift.

Starting Strength/5x5/Rippetoe would be a lot better. Build a good foundation. Get used to everything before you start doing higher rep sets. While you build that good foundation, get on a good eating plan. This will matter more than the decision of which program on decide on.


From everything I've read, the thing that's really confusing me: 8-12 reps is said to be for size, 5 reps is said to be for strength.

Rippetoe's is 3x5.


rippetoe's or starting strength is what i would suggest. it builds a strong base for strength and size. not too mention it'll get your form in check.

I also second the diet. you won't see anything if you're still eating like u weigh 127lbs


This is such a ridiculous thread. Gaining size without strength just plain doesn't happen. At your level, looking for the 'perfect program' is crazy. Do any program, and eat really really well. That's all. Fyi, I'm 5'10, 170 lbs, at under 9 percent body fat. i used to be 125 lbs, so i can definitely relate to being super skinny/small.

I've done a zillion different programs, and what it really comes down to is nutrition. specifically, workout nutrition. get this right, and everything else will follow. just don't waste your time with pussy exercises and things like trap or forearm-specific exercises because you think these parts are 'lagging behind.' ive seen so many little guys wasting their time in the gym with these. everything for you is behind, so stick with the compound exercises. the more basic, the better.


What ever happened to just going in the gym lifting some weights?Basic chest,back,legs 4x8 4-5 exercises with the big lifts thrown in?Everyone wants to be told how to train now days!Just go do bench,squat and dead lift then throw in some assistance like bent over rows on back day and dips on chest day.
What I'm saying is look up some related exercises add food and have fun.