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Need Some Help With Upper Chest

These are from last Sunday.

I’m 19, 5 9 and currently at 170, I’ve been lifting for a year, and seriously for about 5ish months.
I’m bulking till Jan 1st of next year, my goal is to get to 200 pounds, 1 pound a week, and so far I’m ahead of schd.
1 rep max on bench is 250, haven’t maxed on squat or anything else. I work out with 3x6 295 on squats though.
I’ve noticed my upper chest is not as developed as the rest of my chest, and it’s driving me insane.
This is my chest work out. I do it once a week.

Flat Barbell Bench Press 3 4 to 6
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 3 4 to 6
Decline Bench Press 1 4 to 6

Sense noticeing my upper chest is lacking I started useing this last week.

Flat bench 3 4-6
Incline DB press 3 4-6
incline BB press 3 4-6
3 min rest after each.
I super set the above 2, wanted to try to shock myself into growth. I know it’d be to soon to notice any changes, but I want to get an opinion on if this would even work, or if I should do something else.
My diet is very clean, I’m taking in around 3700 cals a day or more. I think this is unrelated, but I can go into more detail if needed.
If you need any more information, please ask, and thanks for the help!

Forgot to mention.
I’m taking creatine, on my off cycle now.
Animal pak, cytogainer and 100% gold whey protien if this matters.
I’m also taking Superpump 250, not feeling it so gona get NO2 black or something like that.

Wanted to add again, I’m at around 10% BF, when I first started a year ago I was 135. My total BF on my body is 13 pounds, give or take a pound or so.

Nitric oxide is a scam. Just google: nitric oxide scam.

I’ve read the articals, I know the placebo effect, the little bit I pay is worth the pump I make in my mind.

I’m useing it for what it’s ment to be, a pre work out boost, cheaper than energy drinks and such.

I think you’d be better off with coffee.

I’m more so concerned about my upper chest than the NO controversy.

As long as you are still growing overall then I wouldn’t change too much. I know it’s driving you nuts, but I would wait and work on a lagging body part after I had plateaued.

When you do hit a plateau, I’d do German Volume Training. IMHO, this is the gold standard when it comes to adding mass. It will make your upper chest huge right along with the rest of you.

However, if you really just want to add mass to your upper chest, I’d start doing 10 sets of incline BB press. That should get your upper chest growing. Then you could finish off the workout with 3 sets of flat bench just to maintain what you have. I’m very much bastardizing GVT here (and I feel strangely guilty about it), so I can’t promise this will work wonders.

Still, it’s drastically different from what you’re doing now, and drastically changing your routine will usually yield results… at least for a while.

Honestly, your whole chest is lagging. That FDB looks good, shoulders are popping nicely, and the entire torso looks wide. The big weak point is the chest overall.

I would eliminate the flat and decline benching from your routine. For the next 8 weeks focus on only incline presses. Alternate heavy barbell weeks with lighter dumbbell workouts. A rep scheme of 4x6 for barbell and 3x8 for dumbbells should be on the right track.

Pre-Fatigue the pecs with some cable crosses maybe 2x10 light-moderate weight.

And start doing some calf raises dammit. :stuck_out_tongue:

My calfs are 14/15 non/flexed.
They’re trained heavy, trust me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could I get a link to the GVT, if you dont mind, I’m sure their are variations of it, and I’d like to know the specific one you’re refering to.

As for the rest of my chest, I knew my upper was lagging, but did not think my entire chest was. Is he the only one who thinks this?

Also, what part of Ga are you in? I live there myself.

honestly your whole chest IS lagging its not just your upper i think your focusing in on it too much.

I assume you mean my upper chest in general, and not training?

I’m following the max OT workout, I’m gona switch to the 5x5 soon, in about 3-4 weeks.
Unless someone has some more recommendations.

dude its not your upper chest, its literally your whole chest. Your chest isnot as developed as the rest of your body thats what you need to understand.

what are the advantages of decline dumbbell press or decline fly??

you have put in a lot of hard work.just keep it up and keep us updating over the chest muscle devlopment

Decline presses put the shoulders at less of a mechanical advantage and thus make them contribute less to the movement

Decline press is for your lower pecs.

oP: yes your chest is very lacking. Do those over head pulls where you lay on the bench with a bar those help the top of the chest. Do more incline and decline too. Use the DB though. Do you do any dips? Those could help a bit also. I am not great on guessing BF but are you sure your at 10%? Your delts look good. Flexed your arms aren’t bad. Get some pics of the wheels.

Yes, I do dips once a week.

I use a machine at my gym that measures the body fat. it changes weekly, today it was 7.5% 13.01 pounds of fat, and I was 173 pounds.

Do I not look like 10% material? I honestly dont think I’m that low, because my abs are not that visible, but it’s been constant on the machine for about 2 months now.

I’ve decided in a few weeks, I’m going to start the 5x5 program, and I hope to see some stimulated growth from that.


The original GVT:


Advanced GVT:


Both programs work great. I did advanced GVT about a year ago and some of my friends (who were newer to lifting) did the original. We all got great results out of it. Honestly, I would’ve done it again, but I caught the olympic lifting bug about 6 months ago.