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Need Some Help With the Tricep

My tricep development isn’t too bad, except for one particular portion. Standing with arms straight down, tricep flexed, my outer tricep is great all the way from my elbow to my shoulder, but my inner tricep (the side closest to my armpit or side of body) is just soft and is hard to “fire”.

It feels underdeveloped so I thought I would ask the good people of this forum for a handful of exercises to get this lagging muscle up to par.

Currently I do the following pressing exercises (not all at once of course). As you can see I am a compound lifter.

  • Dips (static, suspended from chains)
  • Push-ups (weighted, suspended from chains)
  • Clean and Press, dumbell press, military press
  • Close grip barbell shoulder press to top of head to lock out (elbows out to sides)

I do not have any machines, just dumbells and barbells.


DB Skull Crushers with rep range below 8. To ‘fire’ that part of the muscle you HAVE to lift heavy because it only engages when there is a high enough intensity.
Crushers are not held back by your chest muscles, or your shoulders, so you should be able to find a weight that activates that “Egor” lumpy younger brother of the triceps.

Skull crushers, and DB overhead extensions.

DB skull crushers are great, but do them on the floor.

This allows you to bounce the weight on some reps to do heavy negatives, and you can pause in the stretched position with the DB’s resting on the ground to disengage the stretch reflex.

Thanks everyone, I will give these a shot!

i dont know what muscle youre talking about. if its the part that kind of hangs off and sticks out, almost like a tricep on top of a tricep then reverse grip bench press, i use the smith. and bent over behind neck cable extensions.

the only thing that gets DOMS when i train my tricep lately is that muscle.