Need Some Help with Cutting Cycle

Hey Guy,
Basic info to start:

So I am preparing for my 3rd and potentially last cycle. I have made some real significant gains in lean and sustained mass. First cycle was
1-12Test E- 250 twice weekly.
6-12 added 50 Anavar.
Huge gains
Second cycle was
1-8Test E 350 twice weekly
9-12Test E 250 twice weekly
1-6 Dianabol (Don’t even remember dose but whatever standard was recommended)

Now I have a really good bit of hard lean muscle and I am probably around 12 percent body fat.

I want to do one more cycle (cutting). I want to finish shredded and was thinking about doing
-Sustanon 250 weekly

  • Anavar 80mg daily
  • Clen

PCT I run Nolva 50 daily 3 weeks
Clomid 100 ed week 1, 50 ed week 2-4, and 25 till my nuts feel fat and heavy. I take Proviron all throughout PCT

Can you guys tell me what you think about proposed cycle and or what would you do differently? I really would rather use test e but I really don’t feel like waiting around 6 weeks and wanted to keep this cycle at 10 weeks and then PCT

Stay away from sustanon.

clen is ok, stay away from t3 unless you are going to compete in a bodybuilding show.

I’d run your first cycle plus an inj cutter.

Make sure your diet is dialed in. YOu can cut on anything, the only difference really is water retention.

My current cutter is test prop 100mg EOD, masteron 150mg EOD, tren 150EOD, var 100ED.

Thanks for the reply. Can you tell me why you don’t like Sust? I like Test E but it takes forever to kick in and I was looking at Sust because of the blend. I like your cycle with Prop but I am avoiding it because of the frequency of pinning. It’s not that I am afraid of the stick. That’s part of this but I don’t have anyone to help me and I was afraid if my thighs got too beat up that I would have a hard time finding another good place to inject.
As for Tren, I am not sure I’m ready or willing to run the risk since it’s for more advanced users. This is only my third cycle and everything I read scared me off.
Thanks again!

There are many issues with sust. For starters, it really needs to be inj EOD. SO why not just run prop? 3x a week will suffice? Again, why not prop. The other issue is the ester doses. Unless you run an assload you never have a sufficient amount of any of the esters in you. IT also tends to cost more, for what??

Test E does not take forever to kick in… and if that’s really an issue for you add an oral or prop to the first 4 weeks of your cycle.

If you don’t like pinning then why the hell would you run sust? Run test E or cyp and any other long ester of your choice. I.e. tren E or Masteron E, or both…

I usually pin my delts and tris. If I really start getting beat up i’ll use my quads and or my ass. If someone is there to help I like the traps.

I don’t like tren, so I’m not going to tell you to run it. I’m using it out of necessity right now.

If you want to cut on a NOR19 use NPP (short acting deca) but again, pinning EOD.

Thanks IronMonster. I will probably go with my OG Test E. I really didn’t retain much water but I would say most of my gains were on the back 9. I added Dianabol last time but I’m not a fan. It was great for strength and quick gains but I don’t think it provided much of anything more than a kickstart. I had planned on pinning every 3 days with Sust so I guess I could drop down to EOD with prop. Any problems with site injection soreness from prop?
As for injection site, I like the quads because it’s easy to get to, a lot of surface but I know they have taken a beating with just two cycles. Have you ever noticed pinning in the delts or tris interfering with your workout?

Good idea.

IF you have too much retention just add aromasin.

sounds about right with what you experienced with dbol.

I often mix porpl with something else but I’ve used it alone. I’ve had some that hurt a bit, some that was smooth as silk. Rotate your inj sites either way.

As far as inj sites interfering with workouts, only legs and glutes have ever done that to me.