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Need Some Help with Chin-ups

I can’t seem to do chin-ups properly. My right arm/back is slightly stronger than my left, so when I execute chinups most of my weight being pulled up is from my right arm/side. I try to use my left arm/side more when this happens but my right pulls up most of the weight involuntarily.

How can i prevent this? Should i just do more direct bicep work with dumbells to get my left bicep up to par with my right, and do bentover rows with dumb bells? The same thing happens with pull-ups also.


Hi PB Andy,

I’d suggest trying uneven pull-ups/chin-ups to strengthen your weaker side.

To do an uneven pull/chin-up loop a towel over the bar and then grasp it with the stronger arm. Then grasp the bar as usual with the weaker arm. The idea is to do as much of the work with the weaker arm as possible and only use the stronger arm for as little assistance as possible. This exercise can also be done on a Gravitron (assisted pull-up machine) if you can’t yet do it with bodyweight.

I might also suggest doing 1 arm chins/pulls on the gravitron with the weaker arm.

Good luck and good training,


Perhaps try using stretch bands.
Hitch 1 end around the bar and the other end around your flexed knee.
The band helps during the lower part of the pull up and less at the top.

Basically and assisted pull up.

Some pullups I’ve seen, the person moves back and forth, touching their chin to either hand, emphasizing both arms at the top of the movement. Maybe you could do that, and then begin the negative at your weak side. Uneven concentrics sound great too, like the guy said.

great advice guys, thanks.

Don’t quote me on this, but from what I understand, you do NOT want to be doing additional exercises for one arm to get it to “catch up” with the other. This is just going to get you more unbalanced. Keep on doing pullups, with both arms, and eventually you’ll just even out as long as you make sure you’re doing proper form and only going until your left side gets to failure.