Need some help with body softness and flabbiness!

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking about changing the way my body looks and how I feel for a long time, but I need some help on how to go about doing this. I’m currently 17 years of age weighing in at 185 lbs, my height is 5’11. I have an extremely big build, in fact a lot of friends tell me that I shouldv’e been a linebacker =) … Anyways thats besides the point. What I need help with is the chubbiness and roundness that I find around my midsection also occuring on my face. I seem to have a lot of roundness with my body composition and am looking to become more defined and lean. The only way I seem to be able to have a slight improvement in making my body appear leaner is by not eating for a long time or in other words starving. When i starve I look and feel better because my body firms up and my face becomes smaller and less soft and chubby, sorry I’m not trying to come across as someone who starves themselves for pleasure. I’m really looking for changes in my appearance, especially for the gurliez =)

I’m not really sure what my body fat percentage is but all I can say is that my legs seem to be in pretty good shape. The only places on my body where there seems to be excess fat softness and chubbiness is around my stomache, obliques (love handles), buttocks, and hips. Do I sound like an endomorph? I’ve come to the conclusion where this is just my build but I know that it is possible to change and I’m kind of doing this out of desperation! I’d appreciate anyone giving me any pointers on what supplements to take, diet change and exercises. Thanks in advance , Babyf@ce

Getting a defined midsection is not easy for most people. Yes, some people are born that way, but not most. For most guys, their fat distribution is highest on the torso and midsection, then next highest on the legs and leanest on the arms. So, you arms and legs are going to look leaner than your midsection pretty much all the time. You did not say anything about your training or diet, which need to come FIRST. Not some supplement. Read the Diet Manifesto, everything by John Berardi, Meltdown Training, Fat to Fire and anything else you find using “fat loss” as a key word in the previous issues search engine. Get a solid training and diet plan in order and give that a shot for a while. Also get yourself a cheap set of skin calipers and cruise on over to and use the male 3 site body fat equation to track your progress.

Here’s the full link: Bodyfat Calculators push page