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Need Some Help With AAS Terms


Oh yeah…

slin pins = insulin needles

These come as a fixed unit, needle permanently attached to the syringe. Usually very fine gauge, 27 and up. Also typically a short needle (you can find slightly longer ones, but they’ll still be no bigger than an inch usually). Used for insulin (duh), HGH, and other peptides which get injected subQ (subcutaneous - directly beneath the skin). I (personally) also use them for my TRT injections (usually in lat or delt, two very low BF areas so the needle will make it to the muscle) since the volume of each injection is so small.

Used that term last night, and thought I’d add it to your list.


I appreciate the responses, I truly do. The info yall gave me made it a heap easier to understand the stickies and threads on this forum. I’ve decided that this isn’t for me, at this point in life. Im gonna stick around here for a while though and continue to educate myself. Yall are a pretty cool bunch, seems like, and might be worth stayin around. Thanks again!

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Glad to provide some humor. Such as it is

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