Need Some Help With AAS Terms

I am trying to study up on doin my first cycle of Test. Problem i’m having is you experienced folk have a lingo all to your own. Not that there is anything wrong with that but its like learning a new language. You guys have a definition of abbreviations or something around here? Thanks in advance.

It would probably be easier if you posted what you didn’t understand. There are all sorts of abreviations, name brands, pharmacutical names, and then just lingo.

Some one could try to make a digest but no matter what it would never truly be complete.

Forget SARMs, all you need are AAS, HGH, a SERM for PCT, and ixnay on the AI. Get BW to check your TT, FT, SHBG, and E2, and good luck on not ending up with ED.

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See notes above in quote…

I know it’s a lot to learn, especially if you’re trying to learn on a curve so you can get answers more quickly…but seriously man…a little google can go a long way!!! Relax and slow down a little bit. You won’t die if you don’t start cycling tomorrow. May even give you time to realize that you might want to post up some stats, BW (I gave you that one so scroll back up and read it), and what you’re trying to accomplish / symptoms if you’re looking to go on TRT. (And depending on those you may not be the greatest candidate and the time could better be spent coming to your senses before you fuck yourself up btw…)

If you take the same approach to your training, diet, and attention to detail while trying to do a cycle as you did by posting this thread (ie asking people for answers that are already in front of you)…then you may be SOL…(Google it)!!!

Sorry bro…I had to bust your balls here! Lmao!

Consider it mandatory initiation!


I was really trying to be funny there so I hope that came across…

But on a serious note, to you and all these other people (not necessarily you op) that are posting up wanting advice to jump straight into cycling steroids (and know that I did the same thing. What I am telling you here is what I learned after I got my ass chewed on here for being ignorant too! Lol), please hear this with an open heart and open mind…

Please approach this topic with respect, and have enough respect for yourself and your health to at least “try” to learn the ins and outs on your own. The answers are there, and you damn well better KNOW that you KNOW everything that you can BEFORE you do anything, so that if something goes wrong…you’re not sitting in front of your computer screen in a panic hoping that the few people on this forum that actually know what they’re talking about (not me lol) have the time to log in and help you out. That’s a recipe for disaster. I mean, what if they are enjoying the benefits of their PROPERLY administered TRT or cycle and decided to have a night out with their beautiful significant other? You’re gonna be sitting there in a sweat with your heart about to beat through your rib cage panicking your ass off because why?..You didn’t take the time to READ and UNDERSTAND it for yourself.

Don’t be that guy…You may never have an issue, but if you do, know enough about what you’re doing to know what to do in the worst case scenario…it could mean the difference between a hiccup in the process or a trip to the er and a permanent disorder…and guess what? It starts with the LITTLE THINGS…Honestly ask yourself this question…If I can’t google the meaning of a simple acronym, how much effort will I truly put into my training? My diet? My obedience to the advice given to me that I ASKED for? See where I’m going with this?

Anyway… rant over

To the op- kudos for asking and trying to learn man…sincerely…I’m not picking on you specifically…I’m just using this as an example to try and help make others that will follow you think a little bit. Good luck with your learning (I’m right there with you in the learning front). Be safe and be smart man and don’t make any rash decisions. Know your shit and decide what’s right for you. Thanks for Reading.

Read the stickies, there is a wealth of knowledge in there. At the top of the Pharma forum, there is a thread labeled ‘About the Pharma category’. Don’t try to post anything in that thread, just read through the stuff that’s there.

Another good resource is steroid . com. They have really good write ups on pretty much every steroid out there, I read through some of them occasionally when I am thinking about what to run next. Just don’t buy anything from them.

Aside from that, after reading through the stickies and taking notes if you need to, then go back to reading through the various threads on here. Any of the lingo you don’t understand, you should be able to literally Google ‘steroid PCT’ for example, and find something explaining what it is.

Thanks for the response but let me give you a long analogy. Any semi intelligent person(maybe not you but most) can get a manual for a 1980 chevy truck, read the manual, and step by step, remove and rebuild the engine. As a mechanic, I can tell that person how to do it without tearing their hands to pieces, how to do it quicker and where to be careful that they don’t screw it up. You put that same person in a room full of mechanics, that do it everyday, he or she is gonna get even more info. BUT if they don’t understand half of what is being said, they aint gonna learn a dang thing. The whole reason for joining T Nation is to better understand what I MAY be getting myself into. I haven’t made that decision, yet. IMO reading threads and the responses in them can reap a ton of good info. Doesn’t do me much good if my dyslexic ass cant understand half of what is being said. Apparently one of the side effects of steroid use is the inability to spell out a complete word. I have been reading and googling for a while now and there isn’t much info on Steroid Slang! Lol. Actually bmbrady77 cleared up quite a bit when he edited you’re brilliant attempt at smartassedness. I wasn’t and am not asking for keys to the dope closet, just a better understanding of what i’m reading. I also understand that you guys get a ….load of 1st timer questions and imagine that can be a pain in the ass. Regardless, thanks for the responses and hope you and everyone else has a safe holiday weekend, for real.

Oh, as to my training, the wife and I started on this journey May of 2017 when we got the pictures from our eldest girl’s wedding. We both looked and felt terrible. She is down 20 lbs and some change, is no longer pre diabetic and has cut out 90% of her cholesterol meds. I am down to 225 from 256 with damn near perfect BW. (SEE, I’M LEARNING). We did it by eating clean (er) and working 3-5 times a week.


I get your analogy, and yes, there are a ton of first-timer questions along the lines of ‘tell me how to do my first cycle’. The stickies are written up that way, as clear as possible (as I recall, I admittedly haven’t looked at them in a while). As to the slang, not sure how to teach that one aside from just read and piece it together. Try googling like I said, and if you still aren’t sure just ask. Most guys on here will have no problem answering, and the ones who give you shit (beyond some good-natured ribbing) aren’t worth listening to anyway. It’s not the first-timer questions that bother the old timers, we all recognize that we were there once and you have to learn somehow. The ones we dislike are the guys who won’t even attempt their own research and expect other guys to literally spell it out for them. If you are trying to learn and can’t find the answer you are looking for, no biggie. “Hey, newb question but, I was reading XXX and couldn’t figure out what YYY was, can someone help?” Absolutely.

Good work by the way, I love hearing stories like that where people finally ‘see’ themselves and put 2 and 2 together and actually do something about it rather than continue down that road and make excuses.

no need to be rude, he was joking, not being a smartass. What do you expect when you come onto a forum asking for advice without having even studied the basics. Too many people come on here asking to be spoon-fed advice, while this isn’t an issue, you can’t expect people not to give you some flack. Props for you for not just jumping on cycle though, it’s people who jump on with a limited knowledge base who end up hurting themselves, they dose too high, stay on too long, aren’t prepared for side effects etc. These individuals give anabolic steroids a bad name… that and the public stigma, propaganda by the government, media and general association with cheating in sports, the fact that when abused legitimate cardiovascular damage can occur etc. It’s a slippery slope and one must be certain this is the path they want to go down, there are a plethora of potential risks, as well as benefits. I’m not in the “steroids are harmless” subgroup of people, nor am I in the “steroids are deadly” subgroup, I’m somewhere in the middle, I believe that these are powerful compounds that should be treated with respect and when used responsibly the benefits can easily outweigh the risks for certain individuals (bodybuilders (competitive or recreational, yet serious gym-goers), athletes, people with various muscle wasting diseases etc.

I was just messing with him as he did with me. Nothing meant by it.

I’m taking this very serious, hence the question


Gonna read up on it, some more, and make up my mind. @ 47 yo, I don’t see the harm in a properly controlled cycle. I see how I could muck it up, though.

I’m a little confused because you replied to me but your reply read as though you’re talking to @flappinit .

Either way, I’ve learned in my very short time here that ball busting comes with the territory. It helps people to grow thicker skin so the pip (time to try out your google skills!) is not as bad! lol!!!

It’s all good man. There’s a TON of shit to learn, and even after you think you have a bead on it, you realize that you haven’t even scratched the surface. It can be overwhelming. To make matters worse, there’s such a taboo around steroids that you can’t even get very much useful information from drs. I’m in the same boat as you man and it sounds like our stories are VERY similar.

Keep at it and it’ll all start to click eventually.

Oh and btw, not only do you have to learn the acronyms and the general slang, you’ll have to learn CONTEXT. It can be confusing when you see someone type something like “120ED”. What the hell is that supposed to mean anyway?! Is that person trying to say they have Erictile Dysfunction 120 times normal??? Lol

People type ED for “Every Day”, and in that context they are talking about a dosage and frequency. Problem is that acronyms are SO OVERUSED (thank you Facebook, Twitter, and all you other social media outlets that are mind fucking every kid in the world nowadays…and a lot of adults too!! Sorry did I type that out loud? I get a little case of keyboard turrets sometimes!). People just fire off random shit sometimes and don’t even think about the fact that the acronym they are using may already be generally accepted for some other term. Sucks but that’s the nature of it. Gotta learn to read between the lines and try to look at whatever anybody says here as a whole and in context and you’ll be just fine.

Do keep in mind though that most people on here are looking out for your best interest. Even when they sound like dicks (sometimes they are and sometimes they’re just the “get straight to the point” types) they are really trying to help you. Sometimes that help just comes in the form of a little “tough love”, but if you really think about what they’re saying…you’ll find a diamond in the rough every now and then!!

Good luck my friend and I look forward to growing and learning here you!

Side note******
Me personally, I especially enjoy tripping up @unreal with my backwards ass American redneck hillbilly analogies and euphemisms!! Lmao!


Yeah, this format has thrown me a slight curveball. I dont get out much.
I was responding to flappenit.
Post injection pain. Urban Dictionary is now my friend!

So you just started training May of last year and you are researching steroids now. Just no dude.


  • AAS = anabolic, androgenic steroids
  • Ace = acetate ester
  • AI = aromatase inhibitor
  • Adex (anastrazole)
  • Arimidex (anastrazole)
  • BnC/ B&C = blast and cruise
  • Blast = cycle on TRT and/ or cycle when someone goes from a cruise dose to a cycle
  • Bold = Boldenone
  • Bac water = bacteriostatic water
  • Cruise = after a cycle instead of coming off one goes down to a TRT dose and/ or whatever their cruise dose is
  • Clomid = Clomiphene
  • Cyp/ C = cypionate ester
  • Caber = dostinex
  • CBC = complete blood count
  • Deca = nandrolone decanoate
  • Deca Dick = erectile dysfunction associated with the use of nandrolone decanoate
  • Drol (either oxymetholone or dimethyldrostanolone)
  • Dbol = metandienone (dianabol)
  • DHT = dihydrotestosterone
  • ED = every day
  • EOD = every other day
  • E3D, E4D etc = every 3, 4 days
  • EQ = equipoise (boldenone)
  • ED = erectile dysfunction
  • Eth/ Enth/ E = enanthate ester
  • GH = Human Growth Hormone
  • Gyno = gynocomastia
  • HGH = Human Growth Hormone
  • Humalog = (fast acting insulin)
  • Humira = drug used to treat very severe rheumatoid arthritis, crohns disease etc, very toxic, has nothing to do with bodybuilding, putting it in here for no reason
  • Mast = Masteron (drostanolone)
  • Nand = Nandrolone
  • NPP = nandrolone phenylpropionate
  • Nolva = nolvadex
  • Oxy’s = oxymetholone, NOT OXYCONTIN
  • Ox = oxandrolone
  • Primo = primobolan (methenolone)
  • Prop/ P = Propionate ester
  • Pin = inject
  • PIP = post injection site pain
  • Pharm geade = pharmaceutical grade
  • RBC’s = red blood cells
  • stan = stanozolol
  • Sdrol = dimethyldrostanolone
  • SERM = selective estrogen receptor modulator
  • Tbol = turinabol
  • Tren dick = erectile dysfunction caused by trenbolone use
  • Trensomnia = inability to sleep at night due to trenbolone use
  • undec = undecylate or undecanoate ester
  • UGL = underground lab, black market grade juice
  • winny = stanozolol

I’ll add more however these are the most commonly used


Damn! Thanks man


E2 = estradiol (estrogen)
bromo = bromocriptine, another drug used to curb the side effects of nandrolones and tren
19 nors = class of anabolics (something to do with their structure, deca and tren are 19-nors)
pin, pinning = inject, injecting
pins = needles
gauge = diameter of needle (23ga is most common, if I recall correctly)
barrel = syringe (the plastic tube the needle goes on, graduated in mL or cc)
mg/ml = concentration of hormone in fluid (ie, 250mg/ml testosterone enanthate contains 250mg of test in each 1ml (or cc, they are interchangeable) of oil
ester = chemical group attached to steroid hormone which modifies the half life of said hormone (enanthate, acetate, cypionate, etc)

trivia (sort of)
vast majority of injectable steroids are oil based, very few are water based

  • the ones which are water based typically are faster acting (example: test suspension) because they have no ester attached

vast majority of oral steroids (dianabol, winstrol) are 17-alpha alkylated, which allows them to survive the first pass through the liver and thus circulate in the bloodstream longer, but is also toxic to the liver (this is why most guys will recommend using orals for no more than 6-8 weeks) (only non-17aa oral I know of is oral primo, without 17aa it is metabolised and excreted much faster than other orals)

Testosterone undecanoate (andriol)
Demethylated furazabol (yes it’s a thing)
Any of the andros (PH)
trest in pill form
Dienolone in pill forum
Many, many PH’s still on the market aren’t designer steroids.

That being said out of the mainstream used AAS, only proviron (mesterolone) and oral primo is popular

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