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Need Some Help Please!!

Ok so here is the deal. I have been lifting for 4 years now. I started with the Max-Ot which gave me good strength and a lot of size. Then i switched over to madcow’s 5x5 and it gave me tremendous strength and size on the lower body (My fav program with max-ot).

Now im on the WS4SB 2 routine. I made a could of PRs but i have stalled.I took a week off to recuperate and worked up my way and tried to hit new PRs.

The problem is that i didnt get new PRs. I think that the conjugate method doesnt work for me only the progressive overload linear theory works for me. My question is can anyone lead me to a good routine that would pack on the strength and muscle mass as the 5x5 did.

My stats:
height: 5’10
weight: 180 lbs
bf: 16
bench: 225 lbs
squat: 315 lbs
deadlift: 355 lbs
Rows: 190 lbs
Military press: 140 lbs

Are u eating enough? WSB method can be used very long while making gains, do u rotate exersizes enough?
Method that has worked fine for me for a long time was 10x3reps or 8x3reps, starting with 80% max. and add 2,5% every week.
I’ve been using these two programs with good results:


I’ve been training WS4SB’s for a good while, and if you know how to use the program- rotate certain lifts etc, learn what works for you. Then the program will take you to PR’s no doubt about that.