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Need Some Help On Peaks

Here is a few pics of me on my bulk before i cut, i really wish i coulda fixed my biceps up a bit before my show (months from now) any ideas?


Height: 5’11
Weight: 205.5 Morning
Arms: 19.5 cold
Legs: 25 1/2
Calves: 16 (Shitty genetic part :frowning: )
Waist 33.5

Not bad for a bulk, gonna start cutting soon.

Side Chest (This picture was actually 2 months ago, ive gained about 12lbs since, only one i had though)

Have you tried incline curls?

Yeah ive tried the whole bit, just cant seem to get it workin.

You’re arms are 19.5 with those stats? I feel like I should have 21’s then! Here’s some things if you haven’t tried them: bicep curls for time rather than reps (min or so), static hold curls, also I’ve seen fat grips help some people with their arm size.

Oh and where’s the pics of the wheels?!

Losing bodyfat will make your peak appear more pronounced

do extra 1/4 reps (ab out 3-4 inches of controlled movement) in the middle portion of your bicep curl. Use a palm grip with wrist fully contracted with pinky as close to elbow as possible before you start your curls to take the forearm out of the movement as much as possible.

[quote]zraw wrote:
Losing bodyfat will make your peak appear more pronounced[/quote]

This. Also, if it’s true that your arms are 19.5" and your legs are 25.5", I’d worry more about your legs.

Heavy weighted, close grip chins have helped my bi’s, though my arms are not as big as yours. Includeing a little extra volume with bw chins can give a nice pump too.

19.5 arms but 25.5 inch quads and 16 calves?? you might want to focus on more lower body work if you are competing. Size that drastically different will be very noticeable to the judges. Maybe more front squats, high volume leg press/back squats.

Any how, here is an article about building bicep peaks from T-Nation. Everything on it worked nicely, however i disagree with the anti BB curl statements. I love bb curls and see a lot of pro BBers utilizing them in there training. http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/building_a_biceps_peak

Shit, I’m the same height and weight I don’t look like this. My legs are bigger (27") by my arms (16") are nowhere close. Good work though, looking solid!

I would work on trying not to look like a tool.

Uhh for your guys information i just started hitting my legs again 2 months ago due to a recent ACL tear (surgery). So yes they are lacking after 7 1/2 months of not being able to train them.