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Need Some Help On My Diet

ok i am planing on going in the the army. my stats for 1rm is bench 315 deadlift 450 squat 500 230 pounds i need to be 205 to get in.

i use whey protine, HOT-ROX, fish oil, animal pak

my meals are chicken brest, cottage chesse, spinch, steak, salmon, and spical k every once and awile

i trian 5 days a week weights first then i run a mile to a mile and a half after my work out.

what i am looking for is that i want to drop this 25 pounds in a month and a half so i will be ready to go in nov.

and help if i should up my cardio or change my diet any help in this would be nice

spical K? is that special K for hispanics? so you eat all of that everyday for everymeal? how many meals and how much of each food item? how fat are you? 25 lbs of fat would require a caloric defecit around 1950 calories a day. you need to give more info and please spell better. keep a food log