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need some help here

Hi everyone I’m new to this board and this is my first message! I hope I don’t sound like a retard and have everyone rag on me but bare with me. I’m really looking into taking steroids but not a huge fan of needles. I’m sure some of you out there are on the same page as me. Most people tell me that if your going to take roids then you mine as well go needles because it’s a lot more affective and safer on the liver. This new Mag 10 the destroyer sounds great and Testosterone makes it sound like one of the best steroids out right now. Has anyone taken it or currently taking it now and if so do you like it and reccomend it. I guess I should tell you a little about me. I’m 5’ 9" and weigh a whopping 160 lbs. All I’m looking for people is to at least gain 10 to 15 lbs of muscle from taking roids. I have never tried it but a few years back I used Andro the universal stack kind and it didn’t do jack shit or perhaps I wasn’t taking it right, but the point is that I can’t gain weight for the life of me, and I try to eat as much as I can. I’m not talking about wimpy meals either. I have a slight lanky body although I’m only 5’ 9" you can tell I’m really skinny. Most of my weight is in my legs. So I might have just asked too much for my first post but as you can tell I’m pretty desperate. I need to gain weight and I need to gain it soon. I’m sick of being small. Any advise from anyone would help out immensly. Thanks!


At 5’-9" and 160 lbs steroids are the last thing you need. What you need is the search engine over to your left.

Use it to find the two part article on MASSIVE EATING and start from there. Then find yourself a good training program (Go to T-mag.com Home) and find the FAQ section which will help you locate a dozen good programs.

After you gain 20-30 pounds naturally come back here and we’ll help you out.

actually yeah I was just reading that but to be honest with you I wouldn’t mind getting ripped in the process of gaining weight. I’m probably going to take steroids anyways so instead of finding alternative ways to get big why not do both. Plus I’m looking for quick results not eating a crap load and then coming back in a couple months to then taking the juice. Great article though but that will be tough to do considering the hours I work. That’s where the roids come in. I’m not this 18 year old kid who is in high school and wants to get huge I’m just asking for advise on taking it. So any?

No need for roids with your goals. Enough protein, hard training and MAG-10 can get you ten pounds of muscle pretty easily.

“Plus I’m looking for quick results not eating a crap load and then coming back in a couple months to then taking the juice.”

What do you think you dont need to eat “crap loads” when you are on the sauce? Seriously you better do alot more research and take some time to figure out diet and programs before you start using steroids.It is not worth fucking up your body just for a quick 10-15lbs not ragging on you here just trying to help out and get you to use your head a bit.
BTW Mag10 is a pro-steroid not the real deal bro

ok so what is the difference between Mag10 and real steroids. Does Mag10 have similiar effects as steroids? But not as potent?

See Kmill again im not trying to break your balls,just help you out,if you dont know the difference between a prosteroid and real gear then you have no business messing with the stuff.Seriously re-consider steroid use at this time,Do you have any idea about stuff like anti-E`s,and what to take to help out with liver toxicity?You really need to know your shit and should have hit some kind of genetic wall before you juice. Mag10 mixed with a good diet,and some smart,serious training will give you the 10lbs just read up on it and ask some questions about it in the Looking good Naked forum.

all you need my friend is deca, ask for it by name.

no your absolutely right I Don’t have a clue, which is why my first post was about needing help about taking it or just advise at all on getting bigger. So thanks for the help. I did want to take steroids but obviously if there is a safer way to getting bigger then I will try it. The thing is is that it’s easier said then down and with steroids it’s the easy way out u know what I mean? Yes, I knew I had to take something for the liver but I wasn’t sure what or how to work the cycle use and other things. I felt with my working hours that it would be hard to consume a very intense diet so with steroids it would be a different story. I know I have no clue on it thats why I posted that for help. You guys have been helpful though thanks. I’ll take all the advise I can get.

You need allot of HCG post cycle too.

ok I’ve heard of Deca or D-bol but HCG?

Two articles that would help you with steroid knowledge would be ‘steroids for dummies’ by Cy Willson and ‘the steroid manifesto’, both at T-mag. Can’t remember who wrote that last one. I’d still recommend starting with a pro-steroid first, once you get diet and training down of course.

yeah that sounds like a good idea also. Thanks

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I used to weigh a 160lbs once. Here is a picture.

what do you weigh now?

Send me a $1000 money order and I will get everything you need and tell you exactly how to take everything. Im still learning myself, but I can do it for you free of charge (except to pay for the gear of course).

No need to put a return address on the money order. I’m sure I will find you.

Oh I would say around 245 give or take depending on what day it is. I did a cycle of Tweenkies and Oreos frontloaded with some bratwurst. Put all that shit in a blender add a little oil and PRESTO, instant absorbtion for the digestive system. Have to use 18 gauge needles though to get all the stuff through but the results are well worth it. Eight weeks later I looked like this.