Need Some Help...for the sake of Biotest!

Greetings T-folk! Well, I have been hounding the owners of the GNC where I work to get the Biotest line into our store. Finally, the owner called me at home the other day to ask me some questions as she had heard from a couple other avenues that this is a good company. I got the okay to speak with a rep to get pricing, etc. and I like what I was told. I conveyed this information to her and she said it sounded promising. Well two days later I hear that they’re looking in to some “private distributor” called Peak Performance that custom designs products exclusively for GNC franchises (in other wards, they found some shit company that they can get a better margin on). They tried this once before and it ended up failing miserably. The guy who runs this company is coming down to our store next week to “train us how to sell his product.” I’m going to have a field day with this idiot. What can I do to convince them otherwise? I realize the importance of the almighty dollar in retail, but in a conversation with the owner the other day, she specifically told me that she wants to get something of quality in that noone else around us has. I do know that one of the reasons they want to consider this “other route” is that this Peak Performance company is going to do a co-op with us for some local advertising. How can I make them see the light? I can’t tell you how my heart sunk after getting so excited about hearing they’re finally considering Biotest, and then I hear that another route is being considered.