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Need Some Help, Especially on Biceps


I'm 5'8 and 179 lbs. Im trying to pack on serious muscle especially my arms. im not trying to look un proportioned or what not but I want to know how to look like this dude right here

I been training for almost a year and honestly have not been as faithful and commited as i feel like i should have been, i slacked off and took breaks and ate the wrong things at times. I feel like in the beginning i was gaining good size on the arms and now it just stopped it seems like or maybe im not pushing hard enough. Ok, heres my basic layout. I hope im using right terms and such and hopefully the picture gets got when i describe this but...

Monday ( Chest, Triceps, Shoulders) :

(((( Chest))) : Bench press warm up with 135 pounds 12 reps. 155lbs for 10 reps. and 175 lbs for 6-7 reps. and about the same for incline and decline as well to build the whole chest...... I do that machine thats like doing flys except your sitting up and can do up to 130lbs on it for 4 reps.

(((( Triceps)))) : I do the Tricep pull downs with that V or U shaped handle looking thing thats upside down i guess. And i do 100 pounds for about maybe 20 times to get blood flow. then do 130 pounds for about 10 times. then do 150lbs for about 6-4 times.

(((( Shoulders))) Shoulder presses. Warm up with 40lbs for 10 reps... 50lbs dumbells for 10 reps. then do 60lbs dumbells in each hand for like 4-6 times.

Wednesday ( Legs)

I mainly do leg presses and i can do the highest weight on it (its like a machine basically) and its 312 pounds for maybe about 10 times. But i sometimes end up doing bicep work and repeat some of the stuff i do on monday. Not sure if thats good.

Friday ( Biceps)

Ok i really focus on Biceps and this is what I really want to develope and get like the guy in the video.

Cable weight curls I warm up with about 70lbs just to get the blood flow going and move up 20 pounds as i keep going until i get to 150lbs and can do 150 lbs for about 4 reps.

( the cable weight thing im talking about is with the bar instead of the single handed metal thing (look at this video to see what im saying http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qV-mY6QLLAM it starts at 1:50 about the thing im talking about)

I move onto Regular dumbell curls and can get to 40 pounds with regular curls and hammer curls for about 4-6 reps.

I do various other things , I just feel a little dis-organized like no real good routine.

I got pictures of me below. I'm REALLY trying to gain mass and the looks of the guy's arms in acually EITHER one of those videos i posted the link to. I need help. Especially the thickness of the biceps from the front view look thin as hell! to me at least! Like from the side the peak looks ok but the fullness doesnt look good to me. My triceps are pretty decent. Can someone help me follow a routine to get to the point those guys are at? the first video is gonna take me a while but i really need help. I mess up with eating at times. I know im supposed to eat 6 times a day and eat things like chicken, fish and beef. I for some reason cut out vegetables which i know i shouldnt do and i drink nothing but water. Sometimes i meess up and eat oreo cookies and pizza here and there and i know its not good. I dont do too much cardio because I really want muscle. When i do cardio its only 2 times a week on the treadmill with about 8mph for a couple minutes straight and do some walking with high incline. I dont want to burn muscle, I want serious muscle especially on my arms and not pack on fat really. heres the pics below, help me to get to the status of the first guy if possible. sorry for the long=ness.

Here is my pictures


oh my.


Where is your back workout.....

And Shoulders and Chest shouldn't be worked on the same day.....

Anyhow, this is the beginners workout that was givin to me a long time ago, it works and it'll make you strong, or if you want mass change the reps for it but here it is.

1x15,1x12,1x8,2x5 (will develop mass and strength)
5x5 (strength and minimal mass)
5x10 (you'll put on strength but it'll be secondary to mass

Flat Bench, Incline Bench, Pullovers
Pullups, Bentover Rows, Cable Low Rows

Olympic Squats,Deadlifts,Front Squats

Highpulls, Pushpress, Lateral Dumbbell Raises or Dumbell presses
Closegrip Benchpress, Preacher Curls, Tricep pressdowns, Alternating Dumbbell Curls

And remember if you work big lifts like squats, deadlifts, highpulls, your whole body will grow including your arms because your body will produce more gh and testosterone from the high demand of the exercises.

If your trying to lose wieght .75 to 1 gram of carb for every lbs of bodywieght, if your trying gain wieght 1.5 to 2 gram of carb for every lbs of bodywieght. Remember if your carb intake is being lowered to cut wieght you should raise your protien intake to compsensate for the calorie deficit, as for fat limit it to the clean fats found from eating clean, i.e essential fats, monounstaturated, polyunsaturated, and very small amounts of saturated fats. Your protein intake should be roughly 2 grams for every pound of body weight if your trying to pack on mass with no more containing more than 75g of protein.


those are some weird ass rep schemes.

i'd stick with 3x8-10, pretty standard shit.

that being said, i think you need to bring up your chest.

why don't you step into my office....where we can talk about pectoral growth....


Your results are a tribute to good training..... or not. Those are rep schemes that professional powerlfters, and bodybuilders use and the same rep schemes recommended for beginners by pro's. Go read up before ya say "wierd rep schemes".


I disagree, chest and shoulders can be effectively trained on the same days. Do things that compliment both groups


So your telling me that you can recruit maxium muscle fibers, and use 75%-85% for a overhead press when your front deltoids are already burned out ? Because according to alot of strength coaches its impossible, especially since your rear delt is only engaged when pulling a object and only minimally when pressing, and I'm just going to leave triceps alone and say that if you were benching correctly your triceps are depleted and your most likely gassing if your workout was minimal on resting.


I have to agree. If you can do a decent overhead press after benching, your benching intensity sucks.


I disagree with Jay and Simpson. My current workout for chest/shoulders goes along the lines of 3 sets of shoulder press, then 12 sets of chest. While chest strength is down slightly due to the pre-fatigue i find my chest gets good stimulation from the ensuing sets (oh though i am recovering from a chest tear which kept me out for 4 months)... I think it depends on the trainee on when and how to train shoulders.

Because i have a tight chest/anterior deltoid from my early years of only benching(and scar tissue build up from the tear) and bicep curling it dominates my back. This makes it impossible to do shoulders on an separate day to chest because i don't have the flexibility required to get my fore arms perpendicular to the floor. This means i can't train them separately. Since this guy does no back he is almost certainly anterior deltoid and chest dominant so most likely lacks the flexibility to train the muscle groups on separate days.

Either way of training shoulders can be effective, training them seperately is more effective but it depends on the individual situation.


Height: 5'11
Body fat %: 5%

Sounds pretty impressive. Care to post pics?

right now im doing chest bi tris
then i do shoulders/back on a different day

I like it. Yet I've done chest shoulders in same day ala W4sb. So it can work for most beginners/intermediate lifters.

I really don't think you have to worry about splitting up stuff a lot more until you're real advanced and pushing strenous weights.


Sure, I'm buying a new camera here pretty soon or a video cam, I'm headed to thailand for training and am questioning whether or not I want to video link all the training to here while I'm there for 3 months.

And while yes a beginner could get away with it, if you start good habits and practices from the get go you wont have weak points and bad habits to overcome down the road. Prime example,

I used to do military press and benchpress in the same workout and my shoulders outpaced my chest so fast I looked like donkeykong and couldn't bench to save my life.


Backwards from what we said

[qoute]While chest strength is down slightly due to the pre-fatigue i find my chest gets good stimulation from the ensuing sets (oh though i am recovering from a chest tear which kept me out for 4 months) [/quote]

Reason #1

Reason #2

Reason #3 to take your training advice with a grain of salt.


You need to address your own training problems. And you should probably be asking for help, not giving it. You have imbalances and flexibility issues from your 'early years' and you still haven't fixed them. We call that ignorance.


Haha told, fair call.


i noticed how u do YOUR ARM WORKOUT on FRIDAY .. which usually has never worked for anyone i KNOW .. i do my arm work out on MONDAY b4 i do any other body parts .. maybe ur not seeing enough progress coz ur body maybe to tired from workin out on other body parts ..



A few things need to be said here: I'm going to be blunt, no offense.

1) To the original poster---in order to look like that guy in the youtube video you will need a) about 8 years of solid, consistent effort b) solid, consistent nutrition for those 8 years. If you don't bust ass in the kitchen and in the gym for that long, expect not to have anything impressive to show for your time.

You don't just need to gain mass on your biceps, you need to gain mass ALL OVER. You are neglecting your back, which is a sure-fire way to indirectly limit the amount of arm growth you get. There are many ways to design your split, for now I will just assume you want to keep a chest/shoulder, leg, and bicep day. I'm adding a back workout, which will not have any direct bicep work in it.

Your leg "workout" sucks. Combine deadlifts, romanian deadlifts, squats, lunges, leg press, pull-throughs, leg curl. Pick 3-4 of them for each leg day. Pick no less than 3 off them. Do no less than 12 total working sets for a leg workout, not counting light warming up sets. Bust ass. At least 40% of all exercises in the month need to be hamstring focused.

You need a back workout. A GOOD back workout. Put it before your bicep day in the week. It should have 4 exercises in it, and they should hit different angles of the back. An easy way to break it down is: 1 row variation, 1 chin-up variation, 1 shrug, 1 rear delt movement. No less than 12 working sets for a back workout.

Don't skip workouts and put in arm days instead of leg days or back days.

Your chest/shoulder day is too low in volume. You can get 4 good exercises in, probably 5.... bench, shoulder press, dips, lateral raises, tricep push downs, to start.

You can train like this:



Your leg workout will suffer from doing the back workout before it. If you want you can switch your chest (mon) and leg workout (thurs) days with each other. That is actually how I would probably do it initially.

2) To the others...I disagree that shoulders cannot be trained effectively with the chest. I have many times combined benching work and shoulder work into one training session and I've gotten good results out of it. You just need to rotate your emphasis.

They can be trained on a separate day effectively too, but let no one say that you can't train shoulders well with your bench. You just have to use different tricks.

3) Ewad Kuzzy--you should not be giving advice. You should learn basic training program design first, and you should learn proper english. Text speak severely limits the amount of people on this forum that will take you seriously.



Oh, and that arab bodybuilder? His arm's weren't nearly as impressive as his huge ass shoulders.

Yep, that's really all I have to add to this thread, as this was the only post I actually read.