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Need some help deciding on a strength program

I’m looking for a good strength program, but I just don’t know where to start. I’ve read through a few, and I’m thinking of either SS with Limping, or the westside program outlined in the eight keys.

Can someone give me a nudge in the right direction?

If you provide a bit more information on you goals, previous training, sports involvement, etc., people could give you a better answer.

That said, you will likely end up doing a Westside type program eventually. It is very flexible and proven for strength and hypertrophy.

Sorry. I’m 20, been lifting about a year now, started off as a fat bastard about 18 months ago, then got bf down to about 10%. Have been ‘massive eating’ for a while and am around 190lbs 15%bf.

My goals now are to get strong, and get my bf down under 10%. I’m thinking of taking up martial arts again, as I used to judo up until I was about 16.

you could do a lot worse than following an Ian King type split…

  1. Quad dominant leg W/O (Squats etc)
  2. Horizontal push/pull
  3. OFF
  4. Hip dominant leg w/O (Deads, SLDLs etc)
  5. Vertical push/pull
    6 & 7) Off

Plan to increase weight and decrease reps over a period of time until you are hitting the heavy stuff for sets of 1-6 or whatever loading parameter you choose to use. 1-6-1-6 works very well, but then so do most other training protocols. If you want to get strong, you need to lift progressivly heavier weights. Eat well, use good form in basic compound lifts, stay away from the shiny chrome machines and don’t over train. As if by magic (albeit very slow acting magic) you will get stronger!

Good luck mate!

a great strength program is the westside begginer program, find it at www.elitefts.com


The easiest thing to do would be to get in contact with Beni who runs westside UK and go spend the day woth him showing you how to train, the money spent is well worth it and I guarantee you’ll waste less time this way and achieve your goals quicker.

T-Matt, thanks for that. Westside training starts monday! that’ll give me time to re-read the 8 keys, and plan my westside beginner workout and gpp stuff.

Happy to help if you would like to pay my place a visit.
I am located in Birmingham.