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Need Some Help. Big Glutes


This may sound strange but I think my leg workouts have made my butt bigger over the last 2 years. I have added around 30-35 pounds of total body weight.

It kinda looks weird carrying a lil larger than usual butt around!! any suggestions???


I'm proud of the butt that deep squats and GHR's have given me, don't complain. But in all seriousness, if it's an actual concern to you..maybe you just need to lose some weight?


Wait, so let me get this straight... You've been working out for two years and you're muscles are getting bigger? Yeah that is strange


What's wrong with that? Women love grabbing a muscular arse!

I train my glutes to make them stronger and bigger, helps a lot with sprinting and lower body posture as well.



Well I'm 5 10".. weigh around 180 pounds... yeah there is some fat in the glutes but not a huge amount, but I pretty much am still thin.. imagine going from 150-180. wonder what 150 would looked like!! But going by your comments I guess the glute growth is normal. right??


Post pictures and people will be able to better tell you if your diet sucked, your training sucked, or if you're just being self conscious.


Yes, embrace your squatter's ass. I measure 41 inch hips, with a 30 inch waist... Makes buying pants a bitch, but I'd rather be able to squat some serious weight and be strong.


Quit doing back squats. Do front squats maybe.


With the lack of "no homo" in your post I'm assuming homo?


I tried that, even started doing heels raised on 10 pound plates with a close stance staying strictly up right. Definitely helped my quads, but the glutes remain.

To the OP: Unless you have a chics ass, looking like Alexis Texas or something, I wouldn't worry about it man. There is quite a difference in a muscular man butt, and a female one-- if that is what you're worried about. My girlfriend loves mine, and her among other women I know do not find assless men attractive.


X2 --- Women I have been involved with love some muscular man butt....no homo


My wife loves my gorilla ass


Lol i laughed hard.


I'm confused. What the hell are most white guys calling "a big butt"? Further, why does it seem to cause so many of you so much mental stress because your ass is no longer flat as a pancake?

Help a brother understand this strange phenom because I have yet to see anyone looking like the average stripper on Westheimer in Houston.


Thank you. Thank you. I'll be here all week


Many years ago I was attending a BBing contest. One of the black competitors on stage had an incredibly HEEEYOOOGE ass. He was a big guy overall, but his ass just dominated the spotlight from his physique (which was quite good).

And oddly, he completely lacked the lateral head of his left deltoid (genetic).


I've always had big glutes from squatting. When I started back squatting again after taking way too long off from training legs, my glutes were the first place I got stretch marks.

That being said, I've only ever gotten compliments on it. I don't see how a big ass is a problem at all.




Yer crazy.


To most people, "a big butt" = "a butt"

Serious-mode: Don't worry about it.

Stupid-mode: More cushion for the pushin'! (No homo)