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Need Some Guidance


Hey all, just joined the site and I gotta say this is exactly what I'm looking for. As for myself, I just turned 25 and am thinking of joining the military this fall but I gotta get myself back into shape. Right now I'm 6'0 and around 280 or so. I'm not just a blob, I do have big legs and pretty big shoulders. Last time I was tested I was at 30% body fat. I have been lifting lately but have been focusing on mostly my chest and back. I'm not really concerned about getting big, however, I'm more focused on getting lean then going from there. When I played college ball, I was at 245 and was in the best all around shape of my life. I was lean, cut and just looked like an athlete.

Anyways, I want to get back to that stage. I was on suppliments during that time and haven't really paid any attention to the new stuff that is available. So I guess you can say that I'm looking for some suppliments that will help me get lean/cut while giving me that jacked up feeling that I used to get. Now that I have wrote a book I'll quit with the typing and sit back for suggestions/prices/where to order advice. Thanks all!


First off- please never use the phrase "I'm not really concerned about getting big", it will just open up the floodgates. Nobody just happens to get big...

Secondly- 6'-0" and 245 lbs is neither lean nor cut- maybe athletic. You may have felt that way, but I doubt you looked that way. And 6'-0" and 280 lbs is pretty big. So unless you have some serious muscle (which by all accounts, 30% BF that is, you do not) you have a lot of work to do.

Third- any supplements that you will ever need you can get right here at T-Nation. I would take a look at your diet if you want to get lean though and worry about the supplements later. Diet is 80% of getting lean. Supplements will not give you a quick fix.

Not to rain on your parade since this is the beginner's section, but you need to come to grips with where you are and how much work you have in front of you. And also you need to realize that supplements are just that - supplements. They are worthless without the right diet and exercise/training level.

Oh and get used to cardio...


Id get back into it first nail a soldi DIET and training that includes that VERY LARGE part of the body below the chest and upper back, namely everthing else. legs core etc.

Id have to say maybe full body EDT for what you have coming ahead. it will help up that work capacity. That or some of CW's frequency work. Your going to salso need to get used to running a LOT might as well start to get used to it now.

That and solid diet etc. The EDT alone with me anyways has a crazy effect of me eating a TON but still leaning out.

Supps. Id say for sure Metabolic Drive and Surge more foos than supps but should be staples IMO and if you need something to get you ready to kick some ass in the gym Id go for Spike.

Best of luck hope that helps some,


I guess when I said the part of "I'm not really concerned about getting big, however, I'm more focused on getting lean then going from there." I thought people would take that as slimming down and then work on getting big. My bad for the mis-interpretation.

Actually when I was at 245, I had the hour glass build and was muscular not only in the arms, but in the chest/legs/back.