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Need Some Guidance, Starting Over


I don’t know about that, a 1K deadlift at sub-200# would be worth a lot…


The body will be more efficient at building muscle in a leaner state, having alot of fat makes it very difficult for the body to optimally build any type of muscle which is why the common recommendation is to lean down first. Newer trainees can certainly do both at the same time but the consensus seems to be that its best to start at a lower BF%.


Ohh I see I see. Alright, thanks man!


I’d have 765 at 220 which would be nice but not world-changing.


I would pay quite a bit to double my deadlift… I’d have to really think about how much I would spend, but I bet if the offer was actually in front of me, I would pay a good 250k to do it, as that would put me well above the world record, lol.

Totally understand why you guys in other countries wouldn’t spend the money on it. It is expensive outside the US. I don’t think I spend more than 50 bucks a bag with discounts and such (I always get 20% off). And I have plenty of disposable income, I’d rather spend it on that than a lot of other things.

no, not really. Getting relatively lean to start with is helpful in terms of hormonal balance/production. A lot of the strongest guys in the world have learned this. That’s why you see guys like Big Z and Hafthor looking pretty lean in their offseasons. They are willing to put fat back on while preparing for comps, but being lean to start with is beneficial.

But yes, you can certainly begin the muscle building process while losing fat, nobody would suggest otherwise. I certainly didn’t say ‘make sure you don’t lift weights when you diet’, lol.


Got it. Thanks man. I also just realized that body weight exercises like dips and pull ups will be easier to do with less body weight