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Need Some Feedback


Hello to all!

A year ago i stumbled upon this forum and realized i share a lot in common with most people who are t-deficient. It promoted me to investigate my health and the result wasnt surprising…

So let me jump to the point. My first blood test came back mid may and those are the results;

hemoglobin…5 in range

albumin…44 umol/L

prolactin…8.3 ug/L

estradiol…<18 pmol/L (range adult<180)

testetoron…12.7 nmol/L (range adult 10-28)

And so with those values in hand and a lot of research I presented to my doc, he has agreed to provide me with HRT!
wasnt easy but the man is rational and cant argue with the facts, also helped that once a year ever since i was 25 i complained of fatigue and brain fog and such.

Anyway, the course of action was chosen to be a weekly injection of t-enanthate, delatestryl, 100mg/ml.

In the first few months my body mass increased by a whooping %25 from 140lb-176lb. cognitive functions improved as well as over all well being.

With routine monthly blood test i monitored my values and adjusted proporly.

Couple months ago i noticed an increase in my e2 levels went up to 253 ( range <180) and so i requested an AI, once again presenting research to my doc he granted me a prescription for arimidex, 0.5mg eod.

with the some of the recommendation from here and research ive found the a good place to start would be .25 when needed…

the first dose of AI changed everything, in a matter of an hour i felt great, no more hot falshes and anxiety! been taking .25mg eod for a month

so now it brings me to my question! my new results, and keep in mind i feel great are:

Haematology… perfect


Liver Panel…perfect

albumin… 48 g/L

e2…<60 ( range adult <224)

T-total…41.9 nmol/L

SHBG…17 nmol/L

is there any room to improve?

any feedback is appreciated.

lots of grammar and misspelling, english is my third language.

thank you!


You should be looking to be nearer to E2=80 pmol/L

You are probably over-medicated and E2<60 could be anywhere.

There are many who are anastrozole over-responders who need 1/4th the dose that others need.

Your T is 100mg/ml.
You have not explained how many mg’s you have in your dose.

Self inject 50mg T enanthate twice a week’
Take anastrozole at time of injection

Please follow/read these links in 2nd post of 1st forum topic:

  • advice for new guys – do not ignore thyroid issues
  • things that damage your hormones
  • protocol for injections

What are the lab ranges?

Your language is very good.

Where are you located?


KSman, thank you for taking the time to examine and go through my labs.

Which one of the ranges are you interested in?

Starting next Monday I will start to implement your advise.
Would there be any side effects to change of regime I should expect?

I have a great doc who would listen to me and the evidence I provide, however when it comes to treatment, he has never had a patient on HRT.

So with a grain of salt, I have to make my own decisions and listen to my body, and so far the difference I habr experienced is incredible.

The dose of my injections is 200mg\mL
Total T range is 7.6-31.4 my level is 41.9


That is confusing, but you have not told me how many mg’s you inject, only concentration of the T.
dose = mg/ml X ml injected

There is a lot more info in lab report that “perfect”

When you inject once a week, TT and FT levels are mostly determined by lab timing as the levels rise and fall greatly. Anastrozole levels need too match serum T levels, and that changes too much injecting once a week.

Located where?
Iodized salt?
Salt in dairy or bread?


Hey KSman!!

Now I see, my dose was 80mg once a week.
I had an injection of 40mg today with .25mg of arimidex. Next one would be Thursday night.

When I referred to my other labs as perfect, they all came back within the middle of every range. Please let me know if you want me to post them.

My diet is somewhat sporadic these days, as I work in a bar and half of my calories come from takeout food, however I do keep a high intake of veggies and lean meats.

I try to consume low levels of salt as I’m sure there’s more than enough in the restaurant food.

Haven’t supplemented with iodized salt, but the one I use in the kitchen is kosher salt.

I consume low amounts of dairy, not lactose intolerant but it doesn’t sit right in my stomach.
Perhaps a sensitivity.

Whole grain bread without preservatives, fresh from the bakery :slight_smile:

I live in Canada,

Once again, thank you for your time!!


Kosher and pink salts do not contain iodine.
Restaurants typically do not use iodized salt.
You are probably deficient.

Low thyroid function can be strong factor in weight gain as your slowed down metabolism does not burn nutrients.

A portion of Canadians have some iodine deficiency. Your described intakes probably put you in that camp.

Most guys need 100mg T [eth/cyp] to get to high normal T levels.

When avoiding milk/dairy, you are eliminating a good source of:

  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • Vit-D3

There used to be iodine in Canadian and USA bread and dairy. That has been eliminated and this makes iodized salt much more critical. Bread used to have iodine dough conditioners and now that can be bromine based and bromine is the anti-iodine.

Please check oral bod temps as suggested in the thyroid basics explained link.

In your climate, sun exposure is limited and by avoiding dairy, your vitamin D levels will be sub-optimal. Suggest 5,000 - 6,000 iu. Look for tiny oil based capsules. If your skin complexion is darker, this is more critical as sun–>Vit-D3 is reduced.

Was Ontario here for most of my life,


Hey KSman! I will look into iodized salt.
I make sure to supplement with those little oil caps like you said, I live manitoba and although we get the sun, you know how it is :smile:

I also supplement with multi vitamin, which I started a couple years ago and sure enough felt the difference.

My thyroid labs as far as my doc saw were good.

My T level is 41.4 while the high range is 31. I know it T total but while my e2 levels normalize hopefully I won’t need 100mg. Right now I’m on 40mg e3d like you suggested, I’ll give it a month before going back for blood test.

Im sure lucky with my doc, so far every thing I asked for was granted with a smile.

My weight gain was higher than usual, but my whole body went through quite drastic transformation; my facial hair started growing, there was some but now I can see new folicals, same on my head, started thinning out few years ago and now new hair is showing.

No more sore body after working out, helped me to pull more and longer.

while growing up I had A.D.D ,ever since I started HRT, no more thoughts running sporadically on my brain.

Surly a life changing ordeal!


Please check oral bod temps as suggested in the thyroid basics explained link.

Please obtain and post thyroid results+ranges.
“normal” is the problem because the ranges are insane.