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Need Some Feedback on Event Loads


Hey guys i am running a strongman contest at my gym on June 25th and I wanted to get some feedback on the events and loads for them. I am not expecting any big boys, just average people who want to try the sport. Let me know what you think.


2 minutes is a long time to load stones, I would make it 60 or 75 seconds. For the press, again 2 minutes is a long time I would make it 75 or 90 seconds and have the do each implement once and cycle through as many times as possible, they should be able to do the DB with either hand. For the farmers you should either make it fastest time for X distance or max distance without a drop.


Weights are pretty light, times and reps are too high.

If it's for crossfitters that want to do strongman events that's one thing... but most "strongmen" I don't think would be too keen on doing the show as is. Above suggestions are a good start.


The womens' weights are very light.


I think the press medley has some issues. As was said above, 2 minutes is a long time to be pressing. Also, by making it more than one rep with each implement, you have to be consistent with judging reps, lockouts, and even counting reps. Increasing the weight and requiring only one rep per implement simplifies things greatly.

Also, the farmers event is overly complicated. You're using two metrics when one will suffice. Either do max distance or time it. Doing both is unnecessary. I also think this event is especially light, even for average lifters.