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Need some energy

Ok I’m new to this site (my first impression: kick ass) and need a little advice.
I’ve just started loading creatine again after a lengthy layoff form a shoulder injury. I understand that caffeine has a negative effect on creatine absorption so how the heel do I get some energy before a workout without my coffee or other sources. Also, does ephedrine have any effect on creatine? And one last one: I’ve always had huge problems gaining mass. Any suggested supplements that are legal for purchase in Canada. Thanks guys

There was once study that said something about caffeine and creatine. Most experts agree it was flawed. All the original studies were done with warm tea and creatine after all. So, don’t worry about caffeine. And ephedra doesn’t affect creatine either, at least I’ve never heard that. Can’t gain mass? Read the “Diet Manifesto” article at T-mag.

easy. 30 minutes to an hour before you train take your e/c/a stack. within fifteen minutes after training take 5-10 grams og cratine and 5 grams of glutamine mixed in some high glycemic carbs (like grape juice). this is the best thing i’ve ever done for consistent results. hope this helps. Chris G.

The previous was right about the flawed creatine/caffeine test. For caffeine to break down creatine, there had to be massive amounts of caffeine in direct presence of creatine. For you to have that much in your system, you’d have to be dumping 5-600 mg of caffeine at the same time you ingested creatine. Go for it!

Dan Duchaine said that the beta agonist clenbuterol boosted creatine uptake.In theory Ephedrine could do the same.Both stimulate the nervous system.