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Need Some Direction


I'm 22, 6'2 211 male, and have been dedicated to lifting since my freshman year of high school. I am primarily concerned with good, quality mass and being lean most of the year round. I have been as high as 240 and chubby - I did not like it.

At 18-19 I recklessly polished off a bottle of M1T in a month or two and actually saw some good gains without any sides (that I remember). I got another bottle of what I hoped was M1T a year later but saw little gains or sides, it looks like the pills had changed in color and size and it was close to around the time it was banned. Neither were good ideas but hindsight is always 20/20.

Per my history with M1T, would that by any chance mean that I am not sensitive to androgens being that it was such a harsh drug? I ask because I am in the process of researching my first cycle which I would like to begin in the next 18 months. I understand the potency of highly androgenic drugs versus primarily anabolic drugs. Plain and simple, I want to keep my hair, while bringing my physique and strength to new levels.


That crap is on the same category as Superdrol and all those other quasi-steroids. If you're going to do a cycle, use real AAS. But by no means am I discouraging you from doing an adequate amount of research prior.

Look into getting your hands on some Proscar for the hair loss.


I guess I should be more clear -

If I experienced little sides with pretty reckless use of M1T, do I have a lot to worry about if shooting test or anything particularly prone to aromatize?


Either way you should always have the necessary ancillary drugs on hand when doing a cycle, always. As far as the comparison of M1T side effects and other aas orals I would guess they could be pretty similar.

I believe this because in the little research on m1T I have done, its actually an active compound and not a prohormone, as well it is 17-Methyl-1 androstene-17b-ol-3one making it similar to other 17 alpha steroids so its going to have a similar effect on the liver I believe.

I dont know if you should really make a comparison between it and injectable testosterone as far as expectaion of side effects goes but you could between it and other oral aas.