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Need Some Direction

Hi im 35 yrs old and after years of fucking around in the gym I finally bought a decent power rack, weights, bars,etc. Im interested in just strength training right now and want to build up my numbers.
Pathetic right now 5 rep maxs 190 bp, 270 dl, 120 ohp, and 200 squat. Just wanted a strength program to get me going. Theres a ton of them so i juat wanted some of you experienced guys opinions.

I would do 3 full body workouts a week. Choose one exercise per body part, chest, shoulders, back, legs, calves, and abs. Stick with compound multi joint movements. Time your rest intervals and keep a log.

How often do you want to train?

5/3/1 Off season mass template also.

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Consistent 5/3/1 workouts + right food will work.