Need Some Cutting Cycle Help

I am ready to try something new and know a little bit about steroids but not enough to make myself a plan. I want this to be a cutting cycle. From what I have researched and know sounds like Dbol and Winnie V stacked is what sounds best. I would take Tess but really want to stay away from bitch tits. Also I was planning on doing injects not oral. Can you help me out and tell me if I have a good plan or not. Also let me know some solid dosages. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks boog

I don’t know man… I don’t think you are going to get a lot of help with an opening post like that one. From what I’ve seen, the guys who get help are the ones who come with a solid plan backed by proper learning and only have specific doubts. I’m not assuming you haven’t researched at all but if you have, you should put that knowledge into a well structured cycle (compounds used and length of their individual use with amounts and dosing schedule, PCT, etc.).

I’ve never done a cycle myself but if you want to take my knowledge on the matter for what it’s worth, here it is:

Dianabol is an oral steroid.

Dianabol aromatizes to estrogen, so it would not offer any advantage aver Testosterone in that regard.

The number one reason for not wanting to use an oral steroid is to avoid liver toxicity. Winstrol, even in it’s injectable form, is 17-alkylated, making it hepatotoxic so taking it instead of an oral for this reason would not make sense.

I’m not sure if Dianabol experiences conversion to DHT. If it doesn’t, the proposed stack could cause low DHT related side effects.

In short, I would consider another stack. Maybe moderate dose Testosterone and Masteron? (More) experienced guys can tell you if this would be a good stack in practice but from what I’ve read, done properly, it can be very beneficial for cutting with minimal side effects.

Finally keep in mind that losing fat is more a matter of diet than anything else, including AAS.

I hope this helps,


garbage you havent done an ounce of research and just want someone to hold your hand (and wipe your ass too im guessing) through a cycle.

you did get one thing right… Dbol is excellent for cutting! so good work researching that much have fun with it you will get shredded!

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I was just in your position. I wanted/needed advice. I researched the hell out of what I planned to do. This means weeks of reading everything I could find. After that I decided which forum out of the ones that I was reading seemed like the one to ask for advice on. That was this one.

I put together a plan that included what products I planned to use, for how long, some background information about myself, and it’s normally a good idea to put your goals into your plan (I didn’t exactly, but I wrote that I was training to gain size). This is all important. It shows the people you are asking for help that you are old enough and mature enough to do what you are planning. That you are smart enough to do the required research. That you aren’t asking someone to do all of the work for you. This also gives the veterans the required information to help you tweak your plan to fit your age, body type, and goals.

Go research some more, a lot more. Learn about specific compounds, how they work, what they do to your body. Look into aromatization, what methylated or alkylated means. If you see something that you don’t understand type it into google and read about it.

The people offering their well earned knowledge on here do it happily and willfully but they prefer you put in the time to learn the basics before approaching for help. This allows more people to be helped as they don’t have to be teachers to every single person. It also helps you not look like an asshole that wants everything done for you.

My 1/50 of a dollar for what it’s worth.