Need Some Critiques on My Routine

I’m on the 9 week power cleaning program from this article.

  • It’s performed 3X’s per week. I fit them in on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • On my “Off” Days on Tuesday, Thursday I do my Upper Body
  • My goals while on this program are to get a good blend of size and strength for my Upper Body while learning the power clean.
  • I’ve been training for about 2-3 yrs.
  • Any comments & advice are welcomed.

(Mon, Wed, Fri) Weeks 1-2
Exercise Sets Reps
Clean shrug 5 3
Front squat 5 3
Hanging leg raise 5 3
Calf raise 5 3

(Mon, Wed, Fri) Weeks 3-5
Exercise Sets Reps
Hang clean 5 3
Dumbbell or barbell reverse lunge 5 3
Dumbbell single-leg deadlift 5 3
Ab-wheel rollout 5 3
Calf raise 5 3

(Mon, Wed, Fri) Weeks 6-9
Exercise Sets Reps
Power clean 3-5 3
Bulgarian split squat 3-5 3
Ab-wheel rollout 3-5 3

Upper Body Training Session #1 (Tuesday)
DB Incline Press (5X5)
DB Rows (5X5)

Dips (5X5)
Pull Ups (5X5)

DB Shoulder Press (4X6)

Upper Body Training Session #2 (Thursday)
BB Flat Bench Press (6X4)
Pedlay Rows (6X4)

Chin Ups (5X5)
BB Push Jerks (5X5)

Dips (4X6)

What are some changes that would improve my weight lifting program?? Thank You.