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Need Some Consultation

i used to do 3 day split routine…

monday- back biceps

wed- chest tris

friday- shoulder legs…

then i heard that the most effective way of getting strength and mass is doing compund exercises… im planning to do bench, deadlifts and squats only… 6 sets each and trains twice a week… is this crappy or is it ok??

It is crap. If you’d go read several articles all the way through rather than just one part of a training philosophy you’d get a good idea of what you should be doing.

I actually made some great gains back when I trained 3x a week on a similar split. Of course I didn’t work anythign twice a week, only once. I did focus on major compound lifts, and made sure my diet was providing sufficient cals and prot. I believe I split it like this:

Mon - CHest/shoulders/tris
Wed - Back / Bis
Fri - Legs

MOn - INc Bench, Flat Flyes/Dec Press (Superset), SHoulder LAterals, DIps

Wed - Deads, BB Rows, Chins, Inc DB Curls

Fri - Squats, Ham Curls, Extensions, Calf Presses on Leg Press

THat was basically it. I wasn’t in the best facility, but I covered all my ‘areas’ and hit them as hard and heavy as I could. AFter that, its all about recovery.