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Need Some Car Leasing Advice

I’m leasing a car through my personal corporation and am looking for the best lease deal available. Also, I’m concerned about what to look out for in the terms and conditions on the lease.

Anybody know of any good car lease deals going on right now? And any advice on what to look for in the contract??

I would suggest not leasing for more than 3 yrs. Honestly, you’ll get pretty sick of driving your car and feel the need for the change after about 3 yrs.

It makes little to no difference on the payment.

I went for a 4 yr lease out of school and I wish I had gone for three b/c I dream of getting out of my lease as soon as I can!

Some dealerships will lower your payments and then make your buy back amount higher…basically just switching the cash from front to back end. Beware.

Good luck, also I wouldn’t put any money down on it as it’ll be basically a waste should you decide to just return it at the end of the lease. I think mine worked out to be like 10 savings per month per 1000 dollars down…to me…not worth it. I’ll save the 1000 and pay 10 more a month to give it back.


One some of the cheaper leases they have a TERRIBLE warranty. You’re responsible for almost everything.

BMW has one of if not THE best lease warranty out there. You’re responsible for the wheels and body damage. They cover everthign else, that isnt operator/mother nature induced (squirrl stuck in engine when you turn it on). They cover wiper blades, break pads, oil changes (every 15,000! its synthetic, actual mileage is probably 10,000 depending on how your drive)).

In the long run a BMW lease is not much more, sometimes less, than the likes of Pontiac, Dodge, Ford, Nissan etc. A Pontiac Torrent lease was $478 a few weeks ago, a BMW X3 was $429. Hmmmm what one would you choose…


Take it from someone who knows first-hand…