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Need Some Car Advice


Okay, so I totaled my car. It's not official but the insurance guy, quote, "stopped writing when he got to $13k". It was a used 2008 mustang convertible v6, former dealer demo (guess, but used with 3.5k miles?), about $20k.

So while I'm waiting for official word from my insurance company, I need to get moving on a new car in the near future because I have travel obligations coming up in early enough August. I like the mustang, I'm in favor of getting a new mustang, the 2011 models are VERY nice, have much better MPG, I like the look of the mustang, and it's a car that, barring something unexpected, could last me 10 years. For the record, it was a no-fault crash, hydroplaning on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, it's my first accident of ANY KIND in 6 years of driving.

My friend wants me to look at at least two other cars to prevent me from making a rash decision (he's also not a big Ford fan), and so I want to oblige him since he's my best friend of almost 20 years (and when you're only 23, that's fuckin' significant). He recommended, since I like the mustang "style", the Dodge Charger and Chevy Camaro. They aren't bad choices, not at all, but I wanted to get a slightly "wider" group of opinions for cars I should look at.

I have, right now, an absolute price ceiling of about $30k, although depending on what insurance is going to pay, it'll be more like $25-27. I'm not technically employed, so I won't be getting financing, so keep that in mind when I mention my ceiling.

Suggestions? Advice? Know a decent dealership in the Pittsburgh area?


Don't buy anything built by the UAW.




That's sweet. Who gets the car after the divorce?


I live in a no fault state, doesn't mean you weren't driving too fast. Hydroplaning = too fast for conditions. Just saying.

UAW sucks balls, they killed Detroit.

Just get another Mustang though, they do look nice.


That's enough money to get a pretty sweet ride if you don't mind looking at used. Two cars I would look at are a used Audi S-4 and a used Lexus GS430--I have owned both of them. The Audi is a hoot--it was like a billy goat with 350 hp, but the maintenance is expensive. And you won't have any more issues with hydroplaning. It has an awesome all wheel drive system that works great in rain and snow. In trouble? Hit the gas, problem solved. Great interior as well.

I would also look at a GS 430. It has a very sweet little v-8, gets ok milage, and bullet-proof reliability. Fantastic interior and comes with an optional Mark Levinson stereo--about the best stock stereo you can get. I spent a ton on my after-market stereo in my Audi and did not get much better sound. My friend has over 250k miles on on his GS 400, with no major problems. Just maintenance. I have 85 k miles on my GS 430, not one problem. I plan on putting another couple hundred K on it, unless I just get tired of it, which I doubt. I will probably just get a new truck and keep the GS for shits and grins.

Do your self a favor and go drive a few higher end used cars, even if its not one of the above. There are a lot of good choices out there other than a new mustang in the same price range. You could also get a bullet-proof Acura a few years old in the same price range--I am just not a big fan of front wheel drive.


How about a Ford Pinto...sweet used ride. You can probably get a good deal nowadays.

Seriously though, go with Ford, they do well with their cars now.


You wont be able to get a camaro for that price less its stripped, and dodges are pieces of crap.

Go with either a ford, or look at a foriegn car. Volkswagen has some fun to drive turbo-diesels...

Personally I am looking at an F150 because they are up to 11k off F-series pick ups now.... along with 1.9 apr....

screw toyota.... Honda and nissian are ok....


Grierson Auto sales in South Park is good. The guy turns over a lot of cars and is flexible on price.

If there is something you want you can put in an order and he will try to get one at auction, usually that week.