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Need Some Advice


I have been lifting regularly since last july(3-recently 5 times a week) and i have had solid gains up till about the last two months. Since then i have not put on any weight(even lost a few) since then. Now i have noticed Massive strength gains(doubled max rep on bench). I recently started doing squats due to the lack of room i had and recently aquired, and im in a pickle. Like i said, not much in the gains department so i'm looking for some advice, anything. Heres my n'fo.

I lift 5 times a week, a upper body day and a lower body day. I eat 1000 more then the maintence calories required for my weight everyday. Most i'll admit is dirty calories, but at least 2000 is clean(pasta, meat, breads). I have a protein shake of 50g after every workout. I sleep at least 8 hours a day, sometimes more, sometimes a lil less.

My workout
I recently switched to 3x7 to try and gain some mass so thats what scheme these are in.

Upper Body Day:

Bench Press
Skull Crushers
Lat Tower Pulldowns
Shoulder Press

Lower Body Day:

Toe Raises

I have a limited amount of psace to lift in(just barely enough for squats). I'm willing to change anything and eveerything, just trying to get maximum size possible, thanks a million.


I would change your routine some. You need to think push/pull. For example bench and row with hand position about same in both. The reason is to avoid an imbalance. Eventually you will run into trouble if it is unbalanced. You may get shoulder trouble...

You need to add dead lifts. Squats are great for thighs but your hams/posterior chain are going to get you in trouble. (Out of balance thing again.)

Look at Dr. John M. Berardi and Dr. Lonnie Lowery articles for food info. Chad Waterbury has some good training articles. There is a mountain of good information in the archives.

Make an honest evaluation of what you ate when you gained vs now. The human body will adapt to what is imposed on it. You may have hit a plateau.