Need some advice

I need some advice on everything but for now I will stick to just a few. Things such as how to chooose a workout program. What supplements to take? I have been working out seriously for a about 4 years on and off. I have put on about 30 lbs solid in the process and still gaining. I still have parts that I want to improve on though such as bigger arms and especially CALVES. Also what are your thoughts on creatine serum, cyclo-poppers by Pinnacle, methoy-7 by Biotest and nexus protein by TKE.
thanks for the help

Well, you’re in the right place. Everything you need to know is in the T-mag previous issues section. Try Ian King’s arm program (Great Guns). Poliquin and King both have published great calf workouts (do a search at T-mag). As for supps, cretaine serum is worthless, stick to the plain powdered stuff, cyclo-poppers are okay but not as good as a topical product (Androsol by Biotest- click on the bottles at the top of the screen), Methoxy-7 is good- I’m on it right now- Nexus is just overhyped protein.

Quick question-How can you work out seriously for 4 years on and off? Seems like a contridiction of terms to me.

“…how to choose a workout program…i want to improve on…arms and especially calves.” uh, next time you’re having problems figuring something out, write it down and then reread it, it seemed to work here. Okay, sorry to give you shit. Anyway, for arms try King’s 12 week program and for calves go to Poliquin’s Question of Strength in Issue numero uno. But after that you should alternate hypertrophy and strength phases. Hypertrophy would be in the 7-15 rep range and strength in the 1-6 area. The idea is to gain some muscle then stimulate it with heavier weights. Poliquin has mentioned this quite a many of times and it makes sense that it’ll shock your body by switching, hope this helps.