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Need Some Advice


What’s the best exercise to strengthen my shoulder tendonitis? Only on my left shoulder…I’ve done the RICE therapy…I take a boxing class three times a week and lift on the other two. I know I can improve if I can work thru the soreness.


When it comes to shoulders I wouldn’t assume just tendonitis. Could easily be soft tissue damage like a rotator cuff tear. Go see an orthopedic doctor


Try releasing the the muscle tissue first. any tendonitis is over use of tendons. For exercises internal/ external rotations with a light resistance band when comfortable move up to a heavier resistance. focus on certain stretches to eleviate the tension. i would focus on tissue work with a combination of ART, gua sha (graston), cold laser, and kinesio tape. if pain is mild i would suggest more soft tissue first unless you can recall a lifted that aggravated that region. Like studhammer mentioned see an ortho for further assessment. I typically say go for the least cost effected by using soft tissue treatment and if pain is severe then get an ortho involved. also try strengthening upper back trap,scapula, lat and rear delt.


Ty…Going to try the tape first.


Tendinitis typically stops hurting after a good warm-up. If this is not the case with your shoulder then you might consider a trip to the Dr or a chiropractor who is certified in tissue work like ART.