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Need Some Advice


hey TNation. I am a beginner only been lifting for 6 months and i need a program to suit my needs. my goals are to have a better looking body and get a lot stronger. tried 5/3/1 and immediately knew the progress would be to slow.

So im looking for a program that has all the core lifts and some accessory work. I tried to make my own program to fit my needs but id always ramp up to my 1rm and to failure. My gains started to slow. So im just looking for a program that will help me progress fast on my core lifts with accessory work or maybe just a rep scheme for my core lifts. I know this thread might be annoying but i just want to shut up and lift the right way. Sorry for the grammar.

if it helps im 5 ft 7.5, weigh 165.

my lifts are bench 135x3 been stuck for a while because of going to failure to much. Squat is 200x1, deadlift is 230x1


Trolling like crazy after the ridiculous response your last thread got...

Lifting is a fucking life long pursuit stop worrying about immediate progress and realize that you need to progress over time. And if you actually ready 5/3/1 you'd realize that by setting rep PRs is how you know you're getting stronger not 1RM progress.


Also, you do realize that you can increase your bench and press 60 pounds and squat and deadlift 120 pounds in one year? That's too slow for you? You fucking bench 130 and squat 200. STFU and lift.


This too and if you are following ERMs then you could realistically put much more than 60 and 120lbs onto your maxes.


Stronglifts 5x5 will do the trick. Also, squats and milk.


your attitude sucks


agreed. I get sick of people saying 5/3/1 is a bad program because the progress is "too slow". The only thing limiting the progress is the individual. you could start benching 100x1, and after a year bench 160x1 or 160x10 or 160x20, it's up to them.


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One of these things is not like the other.

My question is do the OPs even read their own OP anymore? At least get your troll story straight dude.


A 14 year old that knows everything? How Unique.

Have you tried 5/3/1?
As a rank beginner you should give it an honest shot.

Like the kid in ^this^ thread.

Or because your diet it terrible and you need to use intensity and consistency in the gym. Either or.
(Trust me, I have been lifting for 6.5 months)


^JLone, sick avi. You working towards competing in the future?


While he's an idiot, he has a point. He's so weak that he should be able to get a lot further on noob gains alone. Then when things get harder, 531 is an excellent choice.

But since you probably train and eat like an idiot (don't worry, most people did at some point) you better do something consistently. Anything is better than what you're doing now. 531, skipping deloads, combined with eating real food until you can't eat more should do the trick.


I agree:)


While I would absolutely agree that 5/3/1 does not progress at a fast enough rate for beginners who eat properly and train with consistency and intensity this does not seem to be the case with the OP. If he is the type of kid that will only show up to the gym because he has to or only lift what his program tells him to then a strict program like 5/3/1 or Juggernaut is for him. IMO.

In fact Juggernaut lets you re-project your max every month. If the OP thinks his maxes should be sky rocketing use Juggernaut. Do the whole 16 weeks program and then come back here and tell us how it went.

Here is the E-Book:

If you buy it and read it and want to try it PM me and I will send you the excel sheet for it.


No plans to right now.

Focusing on bringing my maxes up at the moment.

Here is my log which also has a link to a Juggernaut log (10 & 8 wave) if interested: