Need Some Advice

5’10, 180lbs, playing hockey and lacrosse and lift about days a week.
i need some advice on a cycle that would suit me best,
ive been thinking about the dbol test e cycle, i hear a lot about the fat gains with this cycle, anything that would help keep my fat% low and keep gains?

thanks, kenzie

I would encourage a try on GHRP 6. It worked pretty well for me. It is pretty easy on my system, and doesn’t have many sides. How many days do you lift a week? The number didn’t pop in there…

Kenzie, I just looked at your picture. Do you have a problem with weight? I have been lifting for 30 months now, and one day I will pop my abs out. But for now, I am trying to build. If I wanted to go straight Keto, my Abs are solid, and I could starve myself down and show em very well. But that is not my goal.

The question you asked made me think you want to gain, is that correct?

PS Tell me you ride a SKI DOO !!! ?

yes i want to gain, but i do not want gain in BF, i lift about 5 days a week for a solid hour.
any cycle you would suggest?
here is what i have so far,
week 1 to 10
test e 500mg/w, 250x2 tuesday,saturday
week 1-4
dbol 40mg ED
2 week break
nolva 40/40/20/20
with arimidex on hand


I mean that is the standard first cycle, but you shouldn’t be taking anything yet.

You’re 5’10" and only 180… anyone that is 5’10" should be able to easily get to 200lbs naturally in my opinion.

What does your diet look like? I doubt you are eating enough…

As for your question on fat gain from that cycle, most of the “fat” is water weight.

Also, if you are afraid to lose your abs for a little while during a bulk, then you shouldn’t plan to get big any time soon. Gain the muscle, then cut the fat.

If you are dead set on taking something then GHRP-6 or GHRP-2 would be good for now. 100mcg 3x per day subcutaneous. Wait at least 30 minutes after the injection to eat. I would pick GHRP-6 since it looks like you may need to eat more, and it will increase appetite.