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Need Some Advice


Hey whats up my name is Nate, just made an account on T Nation. Hope this is the right thread. I have been working out for about 4 years now and I have recently hit a plateau. And I am starting to lose weight as well. I also don't have very much time to workout because of school and work.

I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas on workout routines like should I be doing single muscle group workouts like back and biceps or chest and triceps. Or should I be doing upper body days and legs on another day.

It would also be cool if I could get some tips on what should I be eating and how much. And what supplements I should be taking. Supplements I am taking are Before workouts: Fast Twitch made by Cytosport and After workouts: a small container of chocolate milk and food on the side of course.

I am your casual skinny guy at the gym trying to pack on some strength and muscle but still stay lean and look good. I would appreciate it if I got some tips.


Posts like these typically get the "do your own research" response. It might help if you posted your current routine in some detail and your diet. Of course the last paragraph of your post is a bit of a contradiction.


Thanks man and I kinda had the feeling that I might get some posts like that haha.


you've got to be way more specific. nobody can help you because we dont know anything you are doing.

how many cals do you eat? grams of protein at least? routine? any sort of idea what kinda numbers you can hit (although not the end all and be all, but still important)?


Yeah, this site is full of information. Start reading.


Welcome Nate!

Don't just limit your reading to this site...it's good to see what else exists whether it's complete crap or not. In fact, you'll often come across two articles on this same site that completely contradict eachother--so it's impossible for everything on here to be 100% right. That's the nature of the beast. I'd say most of the experts around here who have had the most success have also had the most failures, because they've tried the most different things across the broadest range of ideas.

Also, not only will you get more constructive feedback on these forums, but you will improve your training if you drop the subjective goals, "pack on some strength and muscle..." and create some quantitative ones, i.e. "400 deadlift by christmas, gain 20 lbs in 3 months, add 6" to my standing broad jump...whatever your heart desires..."


If you're losing weight you need to eat more food. You probably need to eat more protein.

You should pick a workout that you will be likely to complete regularly if your time is limited. A body part split is probably ideal to develop serious muscularity, but if you only make it to the gym twice a week it likely won't generate the response needed for adaptation.

Look into a full body or A/B type of routine. Make sure that you make the most out of your limited workouts, put the time and effort into the lifts that will generate the most adaptive response; the more muscles recruited the better.

This site has a search function and google is a great tool as well. Look up total body training, upper lower split, push pull split, things like that. Find one that sounds appealing and meets the above criteria and try it out.

Don't worry about supplements. Protein powder is the exception. Many people find it difficult to get enough protein to support muscle growth without using some kind of protein supplement. Grow! whey sold via the above store link is popular, tasty and cheap for the quality of the product. There are many other good options out there as well. Again, google is your friend.

You will only get out of a workout what you put into it. Lifting 'casualy' is not going to generate the adaptive response required to build muscle. You need to push yourself, set goals, meet them, and continue on. Get strong and eat enough food and you will put on muscle. There really is no other way.


Thanks a lot and I cant agree more atg410