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Need Some Advice


ok i need some advice ive been doing my research and reading up on everything that hasto do with gear,i have a cycle of test cyp 200 mg/ml im getting ready to start it in the next couple of weeks...

but i cant find any thing to run with it(or if i should even run anything with it) and my biggest concern is i cant find any post cycle to run so my question is should i just run it ? or wait untill i find something ?


No. Never ever ever even start a cycle without everything you need on hand already. This means every needle, every pill, every SERM, AI, everything.

Try this: Google your AI and SERM of choice next to the words "research chemical."

You're welcome.


Basic "everything" reading would lead you to not ask these questions. You need to read much more than "everything" and come back with a cycle/PCT laid out. Just my $.02