Need Some Advice with Cycle

hey Brothers whats up,
first time here at T-Nation, been over at bb and ef,

anyways im looking to start a cycle, have been doing some research but it has been getting a bit confusing, the more i search the more confused i get, i may read one post that says somethign and then ill read another thats says the complete op. anyways if anyone is willing to help m eout i would greatly appreciate it…

Soo i have been looking into test and or deca durabolin, if someone can help me with a complete beginers cycle, including amounts, post cycle, etc.

and also i may be prone to gyno, so which med so you think i should use? (only reason i say that is during puberty i noticed my nipples got puffy, not knowing at the time what it was), i am also prone to acne which i still have now but controlled, i would not want it to be out of control so any pointers with that would be appreciated as well.

my stats are:
age 23
height 5’9
weight 178-183
ive been working out for about 4 years now, i have a nice base, but i would like to take it to the next level.

anyways any help i can get would be appreciated and thanks for help


Read the stickies, come back with a cycle that YOU think is good for your first and why.

I’ll give you a headstart though; I wouldn’t recommend anything besides Test E (and perhaps d/bol for the first few weeks) for a first cycle.

Check stickys. If you’re prone to gyno, full AI admin. from the beginning of a test/dbol combo will provide enough protection.