Need some advice to improve my performance

hey-this is my first post on this site. Got some good info on this site. I have recently gotten signed by a very good school,(im a foodball player baby!)lol. i wont mention the name for obvious reasons. The coaches recently came up to me and presented with a hell of an ultimatum: I can start now as tight end if i gain about 25-30 ponds of muscle. They further said that muscle will have to be kept. This all has to be attained by mid september. so… i dont think this is possible without some assistance. Your help would be unimagineably appreciated. sorry if the post is to long.
Thanks alot

I guess the obvious first questions are how tall are you, what do you weigh and about what is your bodyfat percentage? The next clear line of query has to do with are you willing to use anabolics, and does your school or assocation test for them?

Read the “Massive Eating” and do it to the T, that should supply the of the fuel you need to put on muscle fast. Obviously functional strength is important for the position, but in your you should be training like a bodybuilder to put on the mass. I would suggest the lower side of general hypertrophy guideline rep range to continue to build strength, I like Poliquin’s 5 x 5.

Since you have so much on the line you should probably make an investment in some anabolics. I would go back and read all of the articles to make a better informed decision to meet your goals. Finding a source that's another issue.

Whether you use or not you need to use supplements. Definitely use Surge post workout.

boy does tis remind me of a recent post by “collegebasketballplyr” or whatever his name was. My advice, go look up that thread, as he had the same objectives. Bill recomended primo. Look it up.

wow. with an ultimatum like that i am assuming that they (your coaches) know full and well just exactly what they are asking of you and that anabolics will most definitely be required for you to achieve this kind of gain. interesting… :o)

im 6"3 170 lbs. why did i get recruited to play football? Im real fast. as for anabolics, these will not be a problem, its been taken care of that i will not be tested

Ya i guess the coach knew that anabolics would be the only way. I figured out my diet, but my training may be a bit off. How should i train to attain the most mass reps and sets. I still dont know what to use how much a cycle is or anything like that. It sucks being

Is this a division I-A school or what? Are they seriously going to let you start as a freshman at tight end at 195-200 pounds???

Dude, at 6’3" and 170, your a freakin moron if you want to do anabolics!!! A TOTAL freakin moron. Man oh man, this makes me mad. How about eating BIG and training HARD. Anabolics will be the easy way, sure. But listen, you’re a rail! Youre obviously are no where near your genetic potential. You’ve got July, August, September. That’s 10 lbs per month. You eat big and you can get close to that, no problem…with no anabolics! Start today…dont count calories, just eat 6000 cals per day and if youre not gaining, eat more. The anabolics will pack on some quick wt but you will probably lose much of that during the season since you know as well as I do, fball seasons dont allow you to eat or train enough to make gains. I used to lose 20lbs over a season. If you do anabolics now you will have to keep doing them continuously thru the season and will probably still lose wt.

JMB’s right. You’re not the moron, though, you’re coaches are. They should have experience helping kids grow. No one should be recommending gear to you right now. How old are you? 17,18,19? You are a rail. EAT, EAT, EAT!

Try breathing squats, they pack on mass like no other excercise.

ATTN: This guy posted this exact question on the steroids board claiming to be a basketball player recruited by Duke. Whether he is or not, plenty of folks have already spent their time giving him input so save your troubles and don’t respond.

What the hell are u talkin about? No offense to anyone on this board but i think basketball is a bit of a pussy sport. I do like duke though. I stumbled on this website lookin for ways to increase test. So dot give me crap about all that. Anyways, how would i accomplish 5000 calories plus a day? What sets and reps should i use?

as i have already said, your post does have many STRIKING similarities to the one with the basktetball star or whatever and his alleged Duke situation (which is on the roids board and this question, if it is legit should be there too).

My recommendation is NO anabolics. I have found they are not nessecary. I gained 30 pounds in a little under 3 months with Massive Eating. Berardi is a mofo for coming up with this. Since I was over his recommendations and eating 5000 cals a day, I trained for 15-20 sets instead of King’s proposed 12 like I usually do. I used the normal 4 day split. Check out the post about mass movements, I believe my selection of movements would be the best choice for your case because it also includes functional strength. Now for my recommendation for you currently: search the forum for one of the whacked up Poliquin quick mass recipes. It is a 36-day phase and will really pack the mass on. It is very complex, follow it to the T and don’t stray at all. After you finish this phase go on Massive Eating with 500 extra calories than recommended and use my recommendations for mass movements.

shit… D1?? tightend? youre a little shit even if you get to 200 pounds … you must be running a 4.3 40 unless youre D3 or D2 … but i do agree with the others… eat liike a mother fucker… i know a TON of people who think they eat all the time until they hang out with me when im eating 650 calories every 2 hours for 8 times… butttt maybe you should add in some androsol toward the end just for shits and giggles… hehehe

I apologize for sounding arrogant but because of my role with NFL teams/athletes and NCAA programs, I think I’ve got an interesting insight that you may not have considered.

Develop yourself as an athlete, pure and simple. Work like a savage and build yourself up. Work so hard you scare the crap out of the strength coach. Show them a relentless approach and simply outwork everyone else. And - Avoid controlled substances - you have far too much to lose.

No coach will guarantee you a starting job - he may try to motivate you that way though. He has no idea of how you are going to handle the interior line play either, the complex reads, the pressure - heck you're a true freshmen. But understand - he obviously see's some special talent in you.

Some of the people on this site have given you great advice. Learn to eat correctly - it is rare for a young football player to understand that one of the greatest tools in training is fueling the system.

If you wish me to answer any further questions, just post-it and I will try to get back asap.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Hey coach. I am working on my skills currently as hard as i can. I think that if i eat alot i could gain bout 10 punds a month. Now what kind of food could i use to acieve a goal of about 4500 calories a day. At this point im a rail and have say about 7 percent b/f. how should i train for the max amount of muscle. i.e sets and reps?
In regards to the school… it is D1. i got recruited at such a low body weight because i run my 40 in about 4.3 my 100 rayd dash is about 10.2. so i would really appreciate if u guys could help me out. i have completely forgotten the idea of anabolics. thanks

With that kind of speed why not have the coaches look at you as a receiver. Even if you get up to 200lbs you’ll get squashed on the line in D1 level football. Speed is nice to have at tight end but if you start off every play on your butt it kind of neutralizes it.

I think the real concern here is that the guy is thinking some magical mystical routine is going to help. There is very little about this game that is not easy enough to explain quickly and simply. What is your current routine and how many days per week are you willing to committ to your future? All it takes is lifting hard, methodical, plan it, do it right, do it often enough. What set rep scheme are you using now? is it working? had it worked in the past? how well. Do you know how to do the big lifts correctly? Do you know what muscle groups each work? If you are not sure of these answers, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Keep in mind that at your age, you can do a lot wrong and still makes gains. that doesn’t preclude you from doing it correctly now. Just learn to approach it with a plan. massive eating. learn to squat, deadlift, bench, standing military press, chins, (forget that the lat pulldown exists) bent row. My approach would be different than everyone elses. I think that we are all in agreement that concentration curls, tricep kickbacks, the ever inane burners, all are worthless for you now, but that statement too is prob not 100% true.

In a nut shell. Lift and eat heavy but sensible. 2 hours of nut busting is not going to give you 2 x the gains as a 1 hour. At your age, boozing it up is prob common, just don't. sleep at least 8 hours, at or near the same time every day. Note your workout, know what you are going to do before you get to the gym. Don't train to failure all of the time, as metabolic and neural fatigue are two very different things.