Need Some Advice Setting Up A Routine For My Girlfriend

My girlfriend works out 4-5 times a week, but just does the same isolation stuff over and over week after week. She is 5’0 112lbs, she wants to get down to 100 or so, her diet is in check - we live together so i monitor what she eats, but i feel that her training/cardio is holding her results back. I dont know much about fat loss routines/cardio, can anyone suggest some good articals that i can also gear towards a girl, preferably that explain cardio as well as a decent routine ? i appreciate it

I’ve had incredible results with Alessi’s Meltdown 1 training program (link is somewhere on this site), based on the principal of lactic acid training. The article includes an excellent discussion of the physiology behind the program. If she is wary of the compound-joint exercises, you might want to substitute in slightly easier motions, but make sure to maintain the basic tempo, rep range, and number of sets.

In addition, 400 meters sprints!!! You can practically see the adipose tissue spilling out of you while you tear around the track.

First do you and hger a favor and drop the mentality that gals need to lift light weight high reps and do endless cardio.

NO shes like you a human and needs to lift some damn weight. Real lifting first and foremeost. then diet. those are what will give her the majority of her goals. Add on cardio last.

She should lift the same as everyone should hard and heavy. What makes guys ripped makes women look damn fine. Puts the curves in all the right plces. She wont get HUGE without a ton of food and HELP.

Check out Chad Waterbury’s 10x3 for fatloss, also EDT by Staley.

Another great article would be “The Mod With the Bod” it should help with the general misconception on how women train and serve as inspiration.

Hope that helps,

You have to check her cardio if her eating is right on track.