Need Some Advice on Test, Deca, and Anavar Cycle

Right now im currently running a cycle of test, deca and anavar

Weeks 1-5 I did 300mg of test e a week
Week 6 I bumped up my test e to 500mg and added deca at 400 mg a week.
Currently on week 10 so 4 weeks into 500mg test e and 400mg of deca
I’m feeling great and I’ve went from 183lbs to 203 lbs crazy strength gains and incredible mass, I’ve literally had 0 side effects so far… no acne, no estrogen related sided at all… some minor water retention but I figured this would be normal for a bulk… as I said I’m on week 10 and just recently added anavar @50mg a day and will continue at this dose for the rest of my cycle, I plan on running the deca for 16 weeks at the dose I mentioned, since my first 5 weeks I was basically Just doing a trt dose of test to see how my body would react I’m not counting weeks 1-5 as part of my 16 week cycle. I have nolvadex on hand in case of any sides, but like I mentioned thus far I have had 0 and haven’t had to use any… should I incorporate the nolvadex now at a moderate dose since I have recently added the anavar? Thanks in advanced.

Care to share any pics?
What is your 5 rep bench press and your 5 rep squat?

All I can add is a suggestion that I did. I usually ran 8 week cycles and was “on cycle” more weeks per year than “off cycle.”

This is not TRT.

No, why do you think you would need to do this?

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I was just wondering, I don’t want to have any estrogen related sides, but since I have had 0 thus far your implying that I should be fine?

Anavar will not add to or exacerbate any E2 issues. Its a DHT and doesn’t aromatize.

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as @blshaw said,

Ok fair enough, I won’t worry then, as far at the deca goes, im currently 4 weeks in as I previously mentioned (400mg/week) and haven’t had any sides… I’m sure everyone is different but how likely
Is is to get sides after 5 weeks or so? I’m not going to increase my dose from my research I think 400mg is good enough… if I do start to develop estrogen related signs what would be best to take? Would the nolvadex be effective?

I would have aromasin or arimidex on hand.

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Nolvadex is a SERM that blocks E2 receptors in breast tissue. It doesn’t lower E2 like an AI would. So if your only problem is tenderness / lumps in the breast tissue, than Nolva would suffice. If you have other E2 related symptoms you would need an AI.

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Why? What is the Anavar doing that would require a SERM with it?

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“Crazy” and “incredible” sound impressive, but I wonder if I would have used that description. I don’t believe that I ever got “crazy” strong on a single cycle, or attained “incredible” mass on a single cycle. How about giving us some variable data as opposed to attribute data? Example: Before Bench Press pounds and reps, followed with After Bench Press pounds and reps.

And that old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

BTW, I don’t like giving AAS advice if I haven’t seen the person training in the gym a few times. On the forum, I don’t have that luxury.


lol ok brother I’m so impressed with your big words, I asked a simple question, the question was answered no need to be Mr smart guy. Thanks

Your right I should have used different words to describe my process next time I’ll chose my words more carefully.

Deca will build for a long time. I am about six weeks in with just Deca and side effect profile is still developing.

Introduction - effects
Absorption - effects
Build-up - effects
Maintenance - effects
Homeostasis - effects

Body doesnt speak English. Doesnt read “deca” and decide side effects or not. Deca does what it does, which changes as what it does builds different levels of chemicals and adjusts receptors.

What was your baseline prolactin?
What does your body do with higher prolactin?
What does your body do with rising prolactin?
What does your body do with high prolactin?
Turn page to progesterone. Repeat.
Turn page to estradiol. Repeat.
Turn page to alpha estrogens. Repeat.

What would you do with a lot of food if you were… starving? Sad? Hungry? Distracted? Not hungry? Angry? Full? Anxious? Just ate? Might not be the same even though youre the same person and its the same consumable.