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Need some Advice on Cutting/Bulking?


I just turned 18 years old and just graduated from high school and was wondering what to do first? I have always been active with football and basketball so I have never had to worry about doing much cardio besides that but now all I am doing is lifting.

I am currently 5'8" and weigh 185.5!
I have not maxed out since the end of football season which was November.
Last maxes
Squat-500lbs x2
Bench-315lbs x1
Deadlift-400lbs x5 (Do not 1rm on Deadlifts)

I began lifting when I was 13 with my dad!(Eating was horrible and very much overweight)
I currently work out 6 times a week with working each body part once a week other than chest an I work chest on Monday and Thursday. (Heavy day monday... Light day Thursday)
I take in anywhere between 2500 and 3000 cal. a day.
I eat clean for the most part rather than some fried chicken and cornbread on occasions! (Country Boy)!
Preworkout-fusion force
creation mono.- 3xday
30-35 gram protein shake- 3-5xday
beta alanine- 2xday
AKG- 2xday

I do not know what would be best as of right now... cutting or bulking? I have small amount of fat around my lower stomach! I am naturally big bodied and thick but not fat and have some definition of upper abs, arms, chest, back ,legs(some fat around hams and quads), calves!

I just wanted a little advice on what the experts would do? I do not give a shit about the summer abs if it is better for me to bulk! I have no problem with eating clean and watching calories and carbs if better to cut!
I am just looking for the best thing to do first to carry me to the next step of the long journey to a lean muscular body?


Bulk, motherfucker.


x everyone on T-Nation