Need Some Advice on 5x5

I can squat 1.5 or more than my current body weight.

I’m looking at either doing this 5x5

or this one

Any opinions would help greatly. Basically wanting to get the most out of the work out.
If you need more info ask.

I’d recommend Bill Star intermediate. I’m doing it and I like it.

It seems the only main different is the ammount of squats. I think I can handle doing more squats a week.
Maybe someone can shead more light?

It probably doesn’t matter. Both are good, and both will give you comparable levels of results.

Looking more into it and makeing heads and tails of the excel sheet they provide, the stronglifts version is alot tougher, you do 3 5x5 and 1 3x5 every work out on the big weeks.
I think because I’m still new and young, I’ll try the Bill Star one. After that, I’ll try to strong lifts and see which I like more.

This may still change, so any more insight is helpfull.