Need Some Advice for My Diet

i’m 180cm for 71 kilo, 3500 calories i was 3000 ~ but because i start to work i improve the calories, i walk a lot (help nursing worker), iam i have a faster metabolism, for a long time when was young and even 23/25 my weight was 57 kilo, now is a bit better.

i will check in the middle of the next month, how much i gain or not if i need to improve more or not, i have little fat in my stomach but is still ok i guess, soon i as can i will post some picture but is close to that

i don’t progress so much than that but still is ok, i stop gym before ago in the end of the confinement but now iam going ok.

morning always same: 1046 calorie

grape juice: 200 ml
eggs: 4
jam 30g
snicker (my little cheat ^^)
stewed fruits
2 sliced bread

Lunch 939 calorie

nuts 20g
stewed fruits
rice basmati 100g
chicken/fish… 80g
100g leguminous plant ( kidney bean and so on…)
15g black chocolate 80%
Vegetable 100g or lettuce

Dinner 850 calorie

same than lunch just pasta and not rice, and always mixt the meet or fish

i don’t calcul oil and so on in the salade or vegetable

Snacks: 788 calorie ( what i take in the work and in the day)

shaker oat 100g, rice milk 200 ml banana, coco nut grate 10g
clementine and so on
white cheese before to sleep
whey isolat

i try to not consume so much dairy product

total: 3500 calorie ~

144 protein
477 carbo
34 fibre
115 lipid

i mixt when i can the fruits, vegetable, salad, always in the lunch in the dinner one time

i would like to stop to take the isolate whey but i reduce the meet so i keep but i will take casein and stop isolat whey, maybe that will be better if i had a fast metabolism.

If i don’t gain some weight next month i will try to improve, if u can give me some advices and good aliments maybe that i can add if i need to improve, is crazy, come peoples just with 2400 calories they have the same weight than me for 3500 ^^’

22 december was 71~ kilo, so i will waiting next month

  • i also mixt oil and i take always the good one for the health

  • complement omega 3, creatine, zmb, glycine, collagen, vitamin D


Why did you reduce meat and why do you want to stop with whey?

I will not stop whey, i take just 30g but i would like eat 100% “natural” but still if i take whey i can reduce the meat so is fine, why reduce meat ? because i can buy good quality of meat like that, also because i cant be completely egoist, eat a lot of meat just for a nice physical… After the problem it is also that u have a lot of good things in the meat not only for the body so if i can just reduce is also good maybe
one day i will maybe stop to eat meat

Your diet looks fine. How long have you been training and how is your progress training wise?

I progress a bit, i training in the house and after the first confinement i stop 3/4 month, iam not Always regular but i going good now and I’m esthetic i think, just need work abs…

But now i work 12 hours by day (2 hours break) and somethime one but not often, so im feel dead somethime but i still training, try to sleep good and so on.

When i don’t work, i will try to improve my training, when i work, i don’t training with the same intensity,
but when i will do a split, i think that will be really good, because i will be able to choice day off mostly for big muscles like leg and back.
My day off always change, so i will Always change a bit my split for training the big muscles in day off

What do u think about this strategy?

I am not sure if I understand you completely, but your strategy should be to be consistent in your training and preferably choose some proven training routine for hypertrophy and stick to it for few months and then eventually change it.
Consistency and training hard is the key for your goal.

If you want to gain weight and you’re not on your current caloric consumption then that means you need to eat more. It doesn’t matter how your metabolism compare to others; life isn’t always fair. My current gym partner who is 20kg lighter than I needs to eat 5,000 calories and is still barely seeing the scale weight trend upwards; whereas I can gain weight on 4,500. One thing to keep in mind is that muscle takes a long time to build; if you’re gaining more than 1 kilo a month, chances are you’re gaining fat as well.

Keep consistent in both training and diet and you’ll see success. It’s only when you give up that you fail.

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Thank for ur advices, i understand that in this life everything is about regularity, i know that life is not fair, for everything… But regularity and questioning is one of the keys.

Yeah i try to not take more than one kilo by month, but is difficult somethime.

Just i would like to know, even when I don’t work, i eat the same calories ?

Did u have some good food advice that i can take for improve the calories. Maybe some dates, i don’t want eat more pasta or rice ^^ or industry food

Also if i had a faster metabolism casein is better than whey ? I use only in work because i wait a long time before to eat, but i don’t want feel heavy to much also when i work, sooo what did u suggest

Not really. I like rice, pasta, dairy, eggs and meat. They are staples in my diet and almost always present. It’s hard to gain weight and muscle mass without them. I currently don’t use much, if any, protien supplementation.

I don’t think you’ll notice enough of a difference to matter. Casein might keep you satiated longer (more important for cutting IMO) as it’s supposed to digest slower; but calories are calories. If your body can’t use calories from the food you eat it will use the calories from bodyfat, glycogen and muscle; the latter not being ideal.

Ultimately your concern should be getting enough calories to grow, but not so much you gain fat; and enough protein to build muscle. Beyond that: eat what you want and what you like.


Ok thank, i will manage like that, and look my weight every Sunday, for make a average for a month