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Need Some advice for College Nutrituin

So i am a freshman in college, i work out regularly 5 times a week, usually for about 45 minutes. Every other day i run on a treadmill at 6.5 mph and increase the incline every five minutes. On the other days i Islote Chest/triceps or back/biceps.

Recently my eating options have been extended. Our cafeteria has all kinds of awful fattening food but at the same time there is a salad bar, and another station where you can amke sandwiches, I have a salad every day but im not sure how healthy the meats are, they are deli sliced turkey ham and roast beef amd you ge the option to put it on wheat bread, rye bread, or a vriety of tortillas: Spinach, tomatoe and wheat. Would it be ok to have a salad and a sndwich with each meal there is usualy rice or pasta in the line as well also some days they have someone grilling food,Usually makingpaninis or grilled sandwiches but i was worrired that the fat content of the lunch meats might be too high. I also eat alot of fruit throughout the day and i never eat any kind of fattening snacks i try to eat as little fats as posible. Any kind of tips or help would be greatly appreciated/ By the way i am 18 yrs old, about 5’9 and 137 lbs.

What days do you lift for your legs or your core? Holidays?

Your 5’9 and 137 pounds. Jesus, when I entered college I was at least a good 165…lol.Anyways, yes, in my experience at a dining hall, it does have some pretty shitty options, ie chicken nuggets ,fries, and wings. But that’s only for lunch, I hope for dinner they have something decent at least. When I was a freshman, I gained 20 pounds eating that stuff. Luckily, it was mostly muscle. It’s all you can eat, so I mean go and grab as much greens, and tuna fish. I really don’t see anything wrong with eating some crappy food here and there. It’s college. 3 Years of eating that stuff, i’m up to 220+. And no, I am not fat. Frankly, at your weight, I think the extra fat will do you good.

What i did…last year was made tuna/chicken salad spinach wraps… had the grill guy make me grill chicken or burgers with out the bread… or made myself some eggs… you should be straight eating a turkey wrap… you have a lot of weight to gain to fill out your frame… and as zooropa said at your weight… you shouldnt really worry about eating foods with some fat…

wtf? you’re 137 pounds and you’re worried about the fat content being too high? scarf down everything in sight. That said, try to keep it moderately clean. And get a solid workout plan. Isolating just your chest/tri and back/bi? really? come on now, stickies are stickied for a reason. And if you say your treadmill counts as a leg workout, so help me god, im gonna go punch a baby in the face.

I don’t even know where to start with this one lol, I’m passing on the torch to someone else!

[quote]waylanderxx wrote:
I don’t even know where to start with this one lol, I’m passing on the torch to someone else![/quote]

Wow, you dissapoint me! haha

  1. your workouts shit- for you I would probably do full body with lots of compounds eg. bench, squat, deadlift, BOR, military press etc. Every other day.

  2. you’re tiny- eat everything you see

  3. fats don’t make you fat excess calories and carbs do

Good options are anything involving-
Meat (preferably lean eg. Poultry)
Fish (preferably oily eg. Salmon, tuna)
Greens (if it grows and it’s green then eat it, also lots of other veg and a reasonable amount of fruit)
Complex carbs (google it)

well, there are al kinds of greens and fruits, is there alimit to how much fruit i should take in becdause i realy tke in a generous amount of fruit, probably the equivilant of 4-6 apples a day

Only eat the good smelling roast beef :wink: