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Need some activities

I’m trying to brainstorm some ideas for activities for a college athletic team that can be used in the offseason. In other words, fun stuff they can do to bond together. The coaching staff and I came up with a few ideas. Obstacle course, a light strong man contest, softball league, and a tug o war. I need stuff that won’t get them hurt is the main problem. Then the coach would get nice and pissed. Thanks fellas.


Howe about the usual jock stuff, like homoerotic ‘therapeutic massages’ and olive oil twister. Then go out for sundaes. Good clean fun and no one gets hurt. :slight_smile:

Med ball stuff would be a good fit, you could set up light and heavy(power) circuits. You better have calisthenics/body weight exercises in there somewhere. Once or twice a week you could do maximal speed sprints and other days do wind sprints or run stairs. Get a shot and have a throwing contest. And always have quality weight work tied in. Hope that helps.

Human pyramid

Are you thinking fitness related or team building? In faith, Coach Davies

I’d stay away from a softball league, especially if your athletes are competitive enough to slide. A basketball player for my university was on a softball team this last summer and broke his ankle sliding into second. He is now red shirting this season.

I am talking more team building since we already are working out four days per week. I want it to be competitive and with some physical activity. To be another idea this last summer we took the five man sled without the pads on and had six guys push it 50 yards in the fastest time. The players were really getting into it and were trying to win. So it was physical, but not difficult.

Try rope work.
Outward Bound and many corporations have found it builds teamwork without minimal risks.
Books on setting up courses are easily available.

sport spacific weight training and drills

Not sure you are located but I once took a full team camping & canoeing. Quite an experience especially when you consider 80 ballplayers all together and many had never been in the woods. In faith, Coach Davies