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Need Solid Advice For 1st Cycle


Hi, I am new here but I have been reading up online for a fair while now and I am now in the process of planning my first cycle.
I want to get this as right as I can so I do not compromise my health.
There has been a lot of mixed information online and I believe it is quite confusing.

For my first cycle my aim is mainly for strength gains as I have been stuck on the same weights for the past 6 months (I cannot seem to go up in weight but have been making minimal gains which have pretty much tapered off to the present). My diet is in check. Muscle hardness and muscle gains are secondary but I wouldn't mind some muscle hardness and some deeper lines.

I have read up on short cycles of 3 weeks and average cycle length seems to 10-12 weeks. I am planning on a 4-6 weeks cycle whilst on holiday in a steroid legal country. (most probably 4)

My cycle currently looks like this:
Day 1: 500mg of Test enth (frontloading)
Day 7: 250mg of Test enth
Day 14: 250mg of Test enth
Day 21: 250mg of Test enth
Day 28: 250mg of Test enth

Now my confusion arises in relation to PCT and HPTA shutdown.
I have followed a very basic beginner cycle and it had no PCT included but merely advice to keep Nolva or Clomid handy in case of gyno sides.

This would fit perfectly into my holiday plans and I have chosen Test enth due to the simplicity of once a week shots as opposed to test prop which requires ed shots. Dosage I think is enough for my first cycle if not please tell me whether it should be decreased or increased.

My plans at the moment is to follow that cycle whilst training with heavier weights then supplementing on ZMA after Day 35 (week after last shot) to start recovery.

Mainly I am confused about the PCT due to the fact that my cycle duration is between the short cycle (3weeks) and 'normal' cycle duration of around 12 weeks.

Any and all advice would be appreciated and I am not in a rush for quick answers. I will not be starting this cycle for at least another 6 months but would like to make sure everything is properly organized for the first one.



I'll be honest man, if you're going to run such a short cycle, you might want to consider running shorter esters, like prop or maybe cyp, but just maybe.

Also, you'd ideally want 400-500mg a week of the test.


I was under the idea that cyp had a longer half life than enth but Im wrong as I am new.

If I do change to Prop would my cycle change to something like this?:

Day 1: 500mg of Test prop (front loading)
Day 4: 250mg test prop
Day 7: " "
day 10: " "
day 14: " "
" "
day 28: " "
day 31: " "
then stop

Would there be no need for the PCT during this cycle? Do I just keep the nolva/clomid handy in case of gyno and just take ZMA after the cycle to recover? That part seems to be the most confusing as this is such a beginner cycle there seems to be not much information on whether PCT is necessary.


Your making it way too complicated and you have a fear of PCT. Just do what I'm planning on doing, 10 weeks 500mg/wk Test E shot twice a week.

Or 6 weeks test prop 500/week, but you have to shoot EOD


The best thing you could do to be quite honest is do what you gotta do to run a cycle of test enan that will be about 12-16 weeks. My advice to you would be to find a way to do that because that's your best bet and especially since it is your first cycle.

As far as the prop goes, you'd be injecting very, very, very frequently if you're only going to run it only for 6 weeks at the most.

You never use PCT during a cycle man, it's called "post" cycle therapy for a reason. Some people keep some sort of a-dex or Nolva around during a cycle to use only, and only, if they get nasty sides like gyno or a ton of bloating.

After your cycle, I would suggest running Clomid.

PCT is always necessary because if you can get your PCT on target, that will determine how much of your gains you keep. After all, it's all about what you keep while off the gear.

Lastly, to be quite honest man, it seems like you need to do a hell of a lot more research. So I'd suggest doing that.

Under no circumstances ever, and I repeat EVER, should you do a cycle from what you've learned solely from a message board like this one.

Educate yoruself more about the different esters of test, and maybe consider running some sort of oral for 2-4 weeks at the beginning of your cycle, especially since you plan on doing a really short one.


Thanks for the advice.

It seems as though the normal test cycles are out of the question for me as it is very difficult to get all the gear.

Thats why I was thinking of a shorter one in another country where the gear is widely available but in this case I will be restricted by time.

It seems test is quite ineffective in my time frame and since my main priority is strength gains I am looking into doing a var only cycle.

Probably looking to start with 50mg a day in the first week and drop it down to 30mg a day for 3 weeks thereafter.

yeh it seems i am afraid of PCT a bit, think its because of my timeframe (short holiday in another country, gotta get everything done by the time i leave).

Anavar they say has mild side effects, but I will be taking low doses. As a precaution I plan to take some ZMA and some Liver protection multi during and after the cycle.

Once again any advice/criticism will be welcome as research sources mostly are very vague or hard for me to understand.


You select the wrong ester for short cycle.
You select the wrong dosage.

If you want to do a short one try test prop.
Test should be used at least at 600mg/week.

For gyno related problem look for arimidex. And for PCT nolvadex.

Do a research looking for: test prop, arimidex, nolvadex you'll find all the info you need :wink:

good luck!


I'm not a pro huice user, but maybe if you tell us how long your holidays are for and where your off to we maybe able to give better advice on cycles. maybe just say how long your holidays are for and not where your going I dont wanna seem like a snitch.