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Need Sleep Advice Stat


Hey all,
So I’m well-versed in the necessity of sleep to T-levels, cortisol, insulin, etc. etc. etc. my issue is that I work a lot of overnights on EMS and in the Emergency Room. I find plenty of time to squeeze in workouts and I’m not overly focused on hypertrophy (as a rugby player I’m 6’2", 240 lbs at my position which is ideal size.) However, I want to work on strength and overall athleticism which I know requires sleep. I’m wondering if

  1. Anyone has any advice as to how they work overnights and still get healthy sleep
  2. Anyone can point me toward research and the timing of sleep
  3. Research regarding sleep and sports performance in general

I’m familiar w/ sleep cycles etc, take ZMA when I can, I just generally want to see what anyone else has to say.


Black out blinds helped me when I couldn’t get to sleep until daytime.


3rd shift was terrible for my sleep tbh. It will take time to get used to, but it’ll eventually happen where you sleep okay and function. But in all honesty, if you want great sleep and effectiveness you need to get a different job or work a different shift. Naturally, we aren’t supposed to stay up all night and sleep in the day. It isn’t a human trait. We aren’t nocturnal after all.



Seriously. Close the blinds, eye patches, ear plugs and Z12.

Z12 was the defining moment for me.