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Need Skinny Man Workout Program


I was wondering if anyone knew any good threads on workout routines for skinny guys. The main focus is packing on muscle and strength but any links would be great.


Upper right hand on your screen.


haha well said.


Dude, you've allready started a thread for advice. In which advice has been given. Have you even tried to follow any of it, or do you just want someone to hand everything to you?


relax big guy. he's new to the forums and greg has already told him not to make so many new threads and just read the existing ones.


Yeah my bad guys. I was thinking though, why would it matter? It just makes the forums more active. More topics, more posts, and maybe more new ideas. It might make it a little unorganized, but its just another topic to read under whatever your searching. Some people new to the site could stumble under this topic instead of the one topic that I didn't find. More doors open more ideas.

Back on topic after doing some research. Shoutout to dnlcdstn for helping me.

I'm going to go with the Westside for Skinny Bastards program. It looks pretty good and I have a couple of friends that are on it that go to the gym.


More food makes you bigger, not a new program. If you don't know that yet, you have MUCH learning to do. That's not me discouraging you, that's me being honest with you. Everyone starts somewhere.


Haha thanks man. That does make me look at it in a different perspective. I did know eating has a huge effect on gains but didn't realize it should be more focused on than good workouts.


Not what he said. If you want to gain size you have to eat a caloric surplus. There is no other way, regardless of the workout you are doing. The quality of that size gain will be determined by how much effort you put in in the gym. Any intense athletic workout combined with a caloric surplus will lead to muscular growth. The type of workout you choose should be determined by the athletic qualities you wish to pursue, i.e strength, endurance, dynamic power, speed etc. Most athletes tend to incorporate various training methods over time, some times combining various types of workouts in a single period i.e limit strength days, speed days etc. You're missing the message. Pick a workout that you will enjoy and follow with dedication, eat more calories than you burn, you will build muscle.


What I meant by that was I need to focus more on eating more food because that is harder than working out.



Both of them are hard.


The trick is to figure out a diet that accomplishes your goals and can be easily increased or scaled back depending on what you're trying to do. Have you ever tried to sit down and count out what you eat for a day? I hate counting calories, but I will for a week or so when I switch diets just to make sure I'm where I want to be. I'm good at sticking to an eating plan so once I'm going I just kind of cruise until I have to modify things.

What is your current diet like? Have you come across a workout that you want to try yet?


I do the same thing, I just count my calories for several days every couple of months to keep on track.
Do you have a smart phone? I got an iphone this year and added one of those calorie tracker apps. I found it really useful to track your cals, you can set calorie and macro goals to reach each day and add foods and meals. I eat a pretty varied diet but even so after the first day or two of entering stuff a lot of meals/foods you can just select form your list and its easy to modify them if you change the meal slightly.
They are made for weight loss but I've found it works the same for gaining.
I use it to track my weight over time as well and haveing it on your phone is easy cause you can put it in straight away where ever you are.


I'm not sure about the calories but an average day would look like:

Wake up:

Have a bowl of Cheerios with whole milk with a cup of coffee Maybe a slice of peanut butter toast (whole wheat of course).


Wake up eat 5 eggs and a cup of coffee OR a nice omelet loaded with veggies and a cup of coffee.

10 Minute break at work:

Turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with some veggies and mayo and some water on the side.

Lunch Break:

Either a pear, apple, or orange and maybe half of a peanut butter and jelly. (I know pussy lunch break)

10 Minute break (still at work):

The other half of the peanut butter and jelly and maybe an organic chocolate milk.

Get off at 10:00PM head home and eat whatever my parents had for dinner:

Usually is either: Pizza, Chili, or rice with chicken. And I got whole milk on the side.

I think I need more meaty proteins in my diet for sure. I don't eat chicken or steak as often as I would like. Let me know what you guys think, should I be throwin a protein shake in there?


Not sure how much of a newb you are, but you might wanna look at Chad Waterbury's HST program. It works pretty well at adding muscle quickly, especially for those without previous training. Training frequency is the key aspect of this program. You can find it if you look.

Eat lots of food, but not shit. You can't get big from just eating or drinking protein. Carbs are your friend when it comes to gaining muscle.


...This is not how a skinny guy trying to get big should eat. I am a former fat guy trying to get muscularly lean and I eat more than this on my light days.

This is how I would structure a "skinny man" diet based around the food choices that you're allready eating.

Breakfast -
5 egg omelet loaded up with veggies and chopped turkey, cooked in 1tbs of extra virgin olive oil and 1tbs butter, cup of coffee

10 minute break -
Double meat turkey sandwiches on whole wheat bread with veggies and mayo and water on the side

Lunch -
2 peanut butter sandwiches, hold the jelly. 1-2 pieces of fruit

10 minute break -
Another double meat turkey sandwich


Yes, you need more protein, but really you need more everything. A protein shake would be a great idea. Get a shaker bottle and throw in some powder in the AM and have a shake instead of the chocolate milk during your work break.

It wouldn't hurt to throw in some fattier meats as well; beef and salmon are staples of a lot of good diets and pork and lamb are good choices as well.

If you faithfully follow any of the beginner programs on this site with dedication and eat like you mean it you will build muscle. Your food choices aren't terrible, but you're a skinny guy because you eat like a skinny guy.


Thanks man helps a lot.


Ive been doing this lately and have gained about 13 pounds so far. It does have variety and isnt the same everyday (this is just an example and i try to increase it everyday)

  1. Breakfast: 4 egg omelet

  2. pb and j

  3. protein shake (after workout)

  4. pb and j (when i get home)

  5. turkey sandwich

  6. dinner (can be a mix up, often brown rice, chicken, veggies)

  7. pb and j