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Need Shoulder Alternatives

I thought about where to put this post for a while and decided here was best. SHOULDERS…Yes I have a bad shoulder but I am not looking for rehab ideas or what not. It is what it is, I have been unemployed for months now so I cant go to the doctor. I can’t bench (flat), I can though do dumbell inclines and most bodyweight exercises like pushups and dips pain free. No pain or discomfort on shoulder day either.

So what do I need, a good workout plan for chest revolving around those exercises. No bench press, no flyes. I know i’m not giving much to work with but I dont expect to compete either, so whatever I can get is better than nothing.

Rest of my lifts/workouts are good, DL 400#, Military 150#, Squat 355# (BP, could not get past 225 so i stopped).

Hope I dont sound nasty, Just trying to get the facts and be clear.

Thanks in advance, stay strong.


Ab straps and cables man

Try flies and presses there.

Hook in and lock the straps around your elbows.

Should be able to hit the chest real good doing this.

Dude I have no friggin idea what you are talking about. I am actually still trying to figure out if you are joking or serious man. Sorry, bro.

Machine pullovers and ring push ups at whatever angle you can handle.

My left shoulder is still killing me with barbells and dumbbell work.

I was quite surprised to learn that ring push ups (incline and decline) let me get some chest work done with no pain. I just had to find the right angles.

As for machine pullovers, lots of info about lat or pec exercise, but I don’t care. I feel it in my chest and my lats. Again, depends on your angle and range of motion. Chris C has an article on it.

I have tried every exercise (drum bells, barbells, cable, medicine ball, rubber bands, etc) and so far, only those two I can manage.

And yes, I am seeing someone about it. It used to be that I could do no exercise at all involving the shoulder, so it is getting better

Will try those…All bench press variations are off limits for me (wide/close grip, incline and decline). Dumbbell presses are good to go, the only problem is setting up and getting into position with heavy weights (workout at home alone). All bodyweight exercises are also good, but dont know how to turn it into a routine that will help for chest development. I surely dont want to create an inbalance chest/back both strength wise and visually.

I do get the biggest pumps from doing push ups, but is it enough?

[quote]BoricuaProphet wrote:
Dude I have no friggin idea what you are talking about. I am actually still trying to figure out if you are joking or serious man. Sorry, bro.[/quote]



Put ab straps on the cables

Put arms in straps

Sit on bench set up vertically

Press either up straight out or down. That shouldnt hurt your shoulder too bad…i dont know though

Oh shit you work out at home never mind

Try floor preesses with dumbbbells

Find exercises where you can work within a pain-free ROM. These will end up being partials. Then ONLY work your sets within that ROM, keeping tension on the muscle at all times by not stopping until failure. Kind of like a piston pumping.

Maybe Rotator Cuff work might help. About pecs, maybe machine fly.
Recently i helped my dominant shoulder issue with first rest, than hands pull-apart and broomstick stretch daily. Just ask if you want details.
All the best !

Bro; Why not give the shoulder total rest.Give your leg’s some specialization.I hurt my Lateral deltiod onetime doing b.press and i did no chest and after a month,i came back better than before. All top notch athletes take off for i8njurie’s. see ya john