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Need Serratus/Intercostal/Rib Cage Workout Ideas


Check the picture belows and it shows about serratus and obliques, rib cage muscles. I wanted to know how to really build muscle at the place where I circled and marked which is serratus and despite I know they are in low fat percentages like 7% and below but I must build the muscle at the particular place before I cut down fat percentages.
As far as u know, the workout list is
-hanging leg viper or lying down leg viper (arrow obliques)
-rope crunch (serratus anterior)
-side plank crunch?
-declined barbell twist(intercostals)
-side cable crunch (serratus)
-hanging leg side raise
-pullovers (does not work for me except for chest and back despite alternate versions)
That's all I know. Can anyone teach me what is the most effective workout for this serratus or oblique and I really lack the knowledge for the muscles I circled in the picture below. I also wanted to reduce the waist fats to give that proportioned look. I just need help guys and ill praise the Lord for the help :slight_smile:


Getting your military press up and tons of overhead pressing variations in general


I tried overhead presses still doesn't work tho. Or maybe cheated reps maybe or any specific and effectively precise training for this muscles?


Can you military press 225? /135 for 5x10 with full range of motion?

As a beginner you should be doing plenty of pressing anyway, regardless of specific goals

this something to try also:


Why don’t Pullovers work for you? Try them on a decline bench. If u still are having issues, do them on a decline bench using a cable machine on a fairly low setting.

I’ve heard that shrugging your shoulders up towards the ceiling at the end of your bench press reps also works well.